HC Deb 19 April 1961 vol 638 cc103-5W
Mr. H. Hynd asked

the Lord Privy Seal if he will publish in the OFFICIAL REPORT a list of organisations and individuals for whom immunities and privileges orders are now in force.

Mr. Godber

The following list contains the names of the organisations on which immunities and privileges are conferred by Orders in Council (the reference number is quoted in brackets after each Order).

  1. (1)The International Monetary Fund and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (No. 36, 1946).
  2. (2)The United Nations and International Court of Justice (No. 1,772, 1947, as amended by No. 1,428, 1949).
  3. (3)The International Labour Organisation (No. 133, 1949, as amended by No. 1,049, 1949).
  4. (4)The International Civil Aviation Organisation (No. 134, 1949, as amended by No. 1,465, 1954).
  5. (5)The World Health Organisation (No. 136, 1949, as amended by No. 1,048, 1949, and No. 1,210, 1955).
  6. (6)The Food and Agriculture Organisation (No. 834, 1949).
  7. (7) The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (No. 835, 1949).
  8. (8)The Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (No. 1,831, 1949).
  9. (9)The Universal Postal Union (No. 1,466, 1954).
  10. (10) The International Telecommunication Union (No. 1,467, 1954).
  11. (11)The World Meteorological Organisation (No. 1,469, 1954).
  12. (12)The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (No. 1,471, 1954).
  13. (13)Western European Union (No. 1,209, 1955).
  14. (14)The International Tin Council (No. 1,214, 1956, as amended by No. 1,365, 1957).
  15. (15)The International Sugar Council (No. 2,191, 1958).
  16. (16)The Inter-governmental Maritime Consultative Organisation (No. 1,296, 1959).
  17. (17)The Council of Europe (No. 442, 1960).
  18. (18)The Customs Co-operation Council (No. 63, 1961).

There are frequent changes in the personnel of these organisations, so that a list of names would hardly remain accurate for more than a day or two. If the hon. Gentleman wishes to inquire about any particular name, I shall be glad to give him the information he requires.

Captain Kerby

asked the Lord Privy Seal how many persons in the United Kingdom today enjoy full or partial diplomatic immunity; how many of these are on the strength of an embassy or legation; and how many are members of High Commissions or non-sovereign international organisations and delegations.

Mr. Heath

A total of 3,188 persons (including 930 wives) are at present officially regarded as entitled to claim diplomatic immunity in the United Kingdom as Heads of foreign diplomatic Missions accredited to the Court of St. James's or as members of the respective staffs of such missions.

In addition, 560 persons (including 126 wives) being members of the staffs of foreign diplomatic Missions, enjoy immunity of a restricted kind under the provisions of the Diplomatic Immunities Restriction Act, 1955 (4 Eliz, 2, Ch. 21).

Immunities of the kind prescribed in the Diplomatic Immunities (Commonwealth Countries and the Republic of Ireland) Act, 1952 (15 and 16 Geo. 6 and 1 Eliz. 2, Ch. 18) are also enjoyed by 2,568 persons (including 870 wives) as High Commissioners of Commonwealth countries in London and the Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland or as members of their respective staffs.

Immunity from suit and legal process such as is accorded to the Head of a foreign diplomatic Mission is currently enjoyed in the United Kingdom by the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General of the Western European Union and by the Secretary-General of the Inter-governmental Maritime Consultative Organisation upon whom it has been conferred by Orders in Council made under the International Organisations (Immunities and Privileges) Act, 1950 (14 Geo. 6, Ch. 14): and by the Chief Representative in the United Kingdom of the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community, in accordance with the provisions of the European Coal and Steel (Community Act, 1955 (4 Eliz. 2, Ch. 4).

Immunity from suit and legal process in respect of things done or omitted to be done in the course of the performance of official duties is at present enjoyed in the United Kingdom by 249 persons connected with international organisations and by six members of the staff of the Delegation of the European Coal and Steel Community.

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