HC Deb 30 July 1959 vol 610 cc112-4W
Mrs. Castle

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies how many Africans in Nyasaland have been arrested since 3rd March; what were the charges against them; and what sentences they received.

Mr. Lennox-Boyd,

pursuant to the reply of his hon. Friend the Parliamentary Under-Secretary [OFFICIAL REPORT, 5th May, 1959; Vol. 605, c. 202], supplied the following information:

1,327 Africans were charged in Nyasaland between the 3rd March and the 1st May. A summary is given below of the charges made and of the sentences received.

Number arrested and charged Section of law under which they were charged Penal Code (P.C.)
1 46—Inciting Mutiny.
1 53—Offences in relation to Publications.
44 71—Managing Unlawful Society.
160 72—Being Member of Unlawful Society.
44 78—Unlawful Assembly.
119 79—Riot.
51 82—Riot after Proclamation.
26 84—Rioters demolishing Buildings.
23 85—Rioters injuring buildings, machinery, etc.
26 87—Carrying Offensive Weapons.
3 92—Threatening Violence.
8 93—Proposing Violence at Assemblies.
93 94—Intimidation.
1 121—Escape.
5 130—Soliciting to break the Law.
9 183—Idle and disorderly persons.
2 235—Acts intended to cause grievous harm or prevent arrest.
1 254—Assaults occasioning actual bodily harm.
17 256—Assault punishable with five years' imprisonment.
1 312—Criminal Trespass.
1 299—Robbery.
1 307—Housebreaking and Burglary.
5 309—Breaking into a building and committing a Felony.
27 335—Arson.
3 342—Malicious Injuries.
(Other Laws)
2 5—Firearms and Ammunition Ordinance Cap. 40: Authority for selling or buying firearms, etc.
33 26—Police Ordinance Cap. 64: Unlawful Assembly.
1 71—Police Ordinance Cap. 64: Unlawful possession of articles supplied to Police Officers.
2 13—Native Authority Ordinance Cap. 73: Failing to obey a Native Authority.
10 61—Townships Ordinance Cap. 96: Obstructions in streets.
22 53—Motor Traffic Ordinance Cap. 146: Causing damage to Motor Vehicles.
1 50—Motor Traffic Ordinance Cap. 146: Taking Motor Vehicle without Consent.
1 81—Act 9/55: Removal of Prohibited Articles into and from Prison.
Number arrested and charged Section of law under which they were charged Penal Code (P.C.)
1 13—Trespassing and Loitering.
1 15—Refusal to remove obstruction on road.
2 20—Direction of Labour.
497 23—Curfew.
2 28—Publication of Alarming Reports.
1 29—Propaganda.
1 30—Prohibited matter.
2 31—Prohibited Publications.
10 35—Acts, words or writing prejudicial to public safety or public order.
2 37—Control of firearms, ammunition and explosives.
2 39—Unlawful possession of firearms.
10 40—Dangerous weapon in suspicious circumstances.
1 41—Unlawful possession of, and dealing with, arms, clothing and equipment belonging to H.M. Forces or Police Force.
45 42—Meetings.
1 45—Uniforms and insignia.
2 47—Power to obtain information.
7 55—Interference with H.M. Forces, ect.
30 56—Injury to Property.
14 57—Looting and kindred Offences.
12 59—Causing Disaffection.
2 60—Consorting with and harbouring suspected persons.
13 62—Obstruction.
2 63—Attempts to commit offences and assisting offenders.
2 43—Arms at Meetings.
Total 1,406

Some of those arrested were of course charged with more than one offence. Sentences awarded are as follows:—

Bound over 27
Fined 27
Public work or imprisonment—up to 6 months 275
6–18 months 136
18 months–3 years 63
3–5 years 35
over 5 years 4
Corporal punishment 3

A number of the cases were not completed at the 1st May; and of the total number charged 654 had been released or acquitted.