HC Deb 09 February 1956 vol 548 cc202-3W
Mr. Russell

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food the chief countries of origin, and the quantities and values from each, of the canned fish imported into this country during 1953, 1954 and 1955.

Mr. Amory

The following is the information:

purpose of the Supplementary Estimates, dated 6th February, 1956.

Mr. Amory

The following are particulars of the latest estimates of the cost of agricultural support in the financial year 1955–56 for which provisions have been made in the Civil Estimates, Class VIII, Votes 2 and 12.

£ million Cash Subsidy
I. Direct Subsidy Payments under Agricultural Price Guarantees
(a) Cereals:—
Wheat and Rye 25.4
Barley 11.2
Oats and Mixed Corn
(b) Home Produced Eggs 18.6
(c) Fatstock:—
Cattle 0.4
Sheep 5.1
Pigs 47.5
(d) Milk (excluding school and welfare milk) 37.1
(e) Wool
TOTAL I 145.3
II. Agricultural Production Grants
(a) General Fertilisers Subsidy 14.5
(b) Lime Subsidy 10.0
(c) Grants for Ploughing-up Grassland 5.2
(d) Field Drainage and Water Supply Grants 2.7
(e) Grants for Improvement of Livestock Rearing Land 1.4
(f) Marginal Production Assistance Grants 1.7
(g) Bonus Payments under the Tuberculosis (Attested Herds) Scheme 10.6
(h) Livestock: Improvement of Breeding 0.1
(i) Calf Subsidy 8.0
(j) Hill Sheep and Hill Cattle 3.9
(k) Remanet Payments
Total Cash (I and II) 203.4 203.4
Administrative overheads applicable to I and II above 5.5
Total Subsidy (I and II) 208.9
III. Trading Subsidies in Implementation of Agricultural Guarantees
(a) Home Produced Shell Eggs and Egg Products 3.4 3.9
(b) Potatoes 0.3 0.8
TOTAL III 3.7 4.7
Total Cost of Agricultural Support 207.1 213.6

Details of the original estimates of the cost of agricultural support were appended, in similar form, to the Supplementary Estimate of 5th July, 1955 (H.C. 27).