HC Deb 02 June 1954 vol 528 cc91-2W
83. Mr. Chapman

asked the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation to publish a list of those stretches of trunk roads within the city of Birmingham, with the length in each case, which at present have no 30 mile-per-hour speed limit; and if he will indicate which stretches are in clearly built-up areas.

Mr. Molson

Following is the information:

There are no trunk roads actually in Birmingham. The roads which the hon. Member has in mind are continuations of trunk roads into Birmingham which cease to be trunk roads at the city boundary. There are three roads of this character within the city of Birmingham which contain stretches not subject to a 30 mile-per-hour speed limit. These are:

(i)A.452 (T.R.11 London—Holyhead)

Total length 3.14 miles.

Contiguous stretches not subject to 30 miles-per-hour speed limit:

(a) Newport Road—the whole.

(b) Chester Road—from Newport Road to Orphanage Road.

Combined length of these derestricted stretches—2.65 miles.


The whole 3.14 miles of this route lie just within the city boundary to the north-east, cutting it in two places, and it is far removed from the most heavily developed areas of Birmingham. The road has dual carriageways, cycle tracks and footways and cannot be classified as in a built-up area.

(ii)A.38 (T.R.16 Birmingham—Bristol)

Total length 14.99 miles.

Stretch not subject to 30 miles-per-hour speed limit:

Bristol Road South from its junction with Leach Green Lane to a point 100 yards west of its junction with Lickey Road.

Length derestricted—0.95 miles.


This length has dual carriageways 24 feet wide, a wide central reservation and adequate footways and verges. It is level and almost straight. Although there is some back, as well as some frontage, development the road cannot properly be classified as in a built-up area.

(iii) A.45 (T.R.14 Birmingham—Coventry)

Total length 7.65 miles.

Stretch not subject to 30 miles-per-hour speed limit:

Coventry Road—from the city boundary to the bridge over the stream east of Arden Oak Road (Hatch Brook).

Length derestricted—0.35 miles.


This length is not in a built-up area

Total length of trunk routes (i.e. continuations of trunk roads) in Birmingham—51.27 miles.

Total length of these not subject to 30 miles per-hour speed limit—3.95 miles.