HC Deb 20 December 1954 vol 535 c230W
100. Mr. Mason

asked the Minister of Health if he is aware that deaf persons in Barnsley have to travel to Sheffield for deaf aid service; that many persons have to send their deaf aids which results in loss of work until service is completed; and at what time in the future Barnsley can expect its own deaf-aid repair service centre.

Miss Hornsby-Smith

Yes, but my right hon. Friend is unable to say when the boards concerned will find it possible to make local repair facilities available.

101. Mr. Mason

asked the Minister of Health how many deaf persons are still awaiting the fitting of deaf aids in Barnsley; and how many have so far been supplied.

Miss Hornsby-Smith

21 are waiting to be fitted and 115 to be tested. Since April, 1951, when diagnostic work started locally at the Beckett Hospital, 842 patients referred by the hospital have been supplied. Earlier information is not available.

108. Mrs. Hill

asked the Minister of Health what progress has been made towards providing a monopack hearing aid through the National Health Service.

Miss Hornsby-Smith

Large-scale clinical trials of a new Medresco model capable of being used in either monopack or duapack form are to be held in the New Year with the co-operation of schools for the deaf and partially deaf. If these prove successful, it ought to be possible to begin mass-production about the end of 1955. It is proposed to supply miniature batteries for use with the aid in its monopaok form free of charge for children, but adults who wish to use the aid in this form will need to buy batteries for themselves. They will, of course, still be able to obtain the larger batteries without charge, as at present, if they so choose.