HC Deb 20 March 1953 vol 513 cc46-9W
Mr. G. Brown

asked the Minister of Agriculture to make a statement about the annual review of the economic condition and prospects of the agricultural industry.

Sir T. Dugdale

In the light of the statutory Annual Review of the economic condition and prospects of the agricultural industry which has been concluded this week the Government has decided on certain changes in farm prices and production grants. Details of these changes and of the main statistics considered in the Review are contained in a White Paper which is being made available today.

Mrs. Castle

asked the Minister of Agriculture the farm guaranteed prices for each year since the operation of the

I.—Livestock and Livestock Products, 1948–49 to 1952–53 (April-March years)
Product 1948–49 1949–50 1950–51 1951–52(b) 1952–53 (c)
s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d.
Milk, average wholesale price per gallon, including production bonus, attestation bonus and quality premiums 2 6 2 2 10 2 11¾ 3
Fat Cattle—steers, heifers and cow-heifers, average per live cwt., including quality premium 98 3 102 9 105 2 116 11 124 7
Fat Sheep and Lambs, first grade, average of shorn and unshorn, per lb. dressed carcase weight, including headage payment (e) 2 2(d) 2 2½(d) 2 2¾(d) 2 5 2
Fat Pigs—clean pigs per score deadweight, including quality premiums 36 0 42 9 46 9 53 56 6 (f)
Hen Eggs, first quality, sold through packing stations, basic price per dozen 4 0 4 1 4 1 4 4 7
Duck Eggs, first quality, sold through packing stations, per dozen 3 9 3 0¼(g) 3 3¼(g)
Wool, average per lb. for fleece wool 2 3(h) 6 0 4 6
(a) These expected annual average prices are as declared at successive Annual Reviews adjusted by the addition of any Special Review increases. They are not therefore necessarily the average prices actually received in the years in question, since the average is affected by changes in the seasonality of marketing, and by variations in the proportions of different grades. Owing to changes in grade specifications, particularly for cattle and pigs, it has not been possible, for each commodity, to present a strictly continuous series.
(b) Including additions awarded at the deferred Special Review, February 1951, only.
(c) Including additions awarded at the Special Review, November, 1951.
(d) Average for fat sheep only.
(e) Excluding spring lamb bonus and wool allowance.
(f) Clean pigs in quality premium range only.
(g) Guaranteed minimum price.
(h) Wool was added to the First Schedule of the Agriculture Act, 1947, in July 1950.

1947 Act; and what are the proposed minimum prices for each year until 1955–56 for milk, hen and duck eggs, wool, per lb., cattle, live, per cwt., fat sheep and lambs and pigs per score.

Sir T. Dugdale

The information asked for in the first part of the question is given in the following tables.

As regards the second half of the Question I would refer the hon. Lady to the reply I gave the hon. Member for Derbyshire, South-East (Mr. Champion), on 5th March last, in which expected average prices for 1952–53 were set out in terms approximately corresponding to those of the minimum prices up to 1955–56, but not in every case corresponding to these tables. These minimum prices were given in my reply to the hon. Member for Newbury (Mr. Hurd) on 23rd February last.

II.—Crops harvested in 1948–53
Crop 1948 1949 1950 1951(a) 1952(b) 1953
s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d.
Millable, average seasonal price per cwt. 23 0 23 3 28 0 28 4 29 6 30 9(d)
Acreage payment per acre 60 0(c) 60 0(c) Nil Nil Nil Nil
Malting, maximum, per cwt. 30 0 30 3
Millable minimum per cwt. 23 0 23 3 none fixed
Feeding, minimum per cwt. 21 6 21 10 23 6 25 0
Milling, maximum per cwt. 20 6 20 9 none fixed
Feeding, minimum per cwt. 18 7 18 10 19 4 19 8 21 2 22 2
Millable, minimum per cwt. 23 0 (e) 23 3 (e) 23 0 21 10 22 0 25 0
Acreage payment per acre 60 0 (c) 60 0 (c) 60 0(c) Nil Nil Nil
Sugar Beet:
15.5 per cent. sugar content, per ton 105 0 106 9 107 0 108 6 112 2 114 9 (f)
Maincrop, per ton 175 0 181 9 185 0 228 6 239 0 244 0
Acreage payment per acre 240 0(g) 240 0(g) 200 0(h) Nil Nil Nil
(a) Including additions awarded at deferred Special Review, February, 1951.
(b) Including additions awarded at Special Review, November, 1951.
(c) Payable on first 10 acres.
(d) As from August 1st, 1953, the fixed price for wheat will become the average seasonal minimum price for wheat.
(e) Fixed price.
(f) For 1953 onwards the scale of sugar beet prices are determined in relation to sugar beet of 16¼ per cent. sugar content. For purposes of comparison with earlier years, the figure shown in the table is for beet of 15½ per cent. sugar content.
(g) Payable on first 10 acres only. For area in excess of 10 acres the rate was 160s. 0d. per acre.
(h) Payable on total acreage.