HC Deb 25 June 1953 vol 516 cc167-8W
89. Mr. J. Johnson

asked the Minister of Education the number of schools whose starting date for building fell within the period of the three months' moratorium of 1952; and how many of these have now been put back on the building list.

Miss Horsbrugh

Of the 330 new schools which were taken out of the 1951–52 building programme as a result of the ban on starting new projects at the end of 1951, 240 were included in the 1952–53 programme and 24 are in the 1953–54 programme. Minor projects, meeting the most urgent needs, were substituted for many of the balance of 66.

90. Mr. J. Johnson

asked the Minister of Education how many new schools were started building in 1952; and how many are contemplated for 1953.

Miss Horsbrugh

During the calendar year 1952, 346 new schools were started in England and Wales. As the basis of the educational building programme is the financial year, I cannot give an estimate for the calendar year 1953, but there are 440 schools in the 1953–54 programme, i.e., due to start in the year ending 31st March, 1954.

91. Mr. Maude

asked the Minister of Education the value of the work done on school building projects in each of the last six years; and the estimated value for the present year.

Miss Horsbrugh

The value of the work done on major primary and secondary school building projects and on all educational building at end-1951 prices has been as follows:

—— Primary and Secondary Schools All educational building (including technical colleges, etc.)
£ million £ million
1947 7.8 12.4
1948 16.0 24.5
1949 21.3 38.0
1950 35.8 49.7
1951 35.5 48.3
1952 36.4 50.1

The corresponding estimates for the current year are £403 million and £543 million respectively.

Mr. K. Thompson

asked the Minister of Education how many new school places have been completed in each of the last six years.

Miss Horsbrugh

The following are the figures:

Year ending 1st February, 1948 80,000
Year ending 1st February, 1949 180,000*
Year ending 1st February, 1950 90,190*
Year ending 1st February, 1951 130,605
Year ending 1st February, 1952 159,190
Year ending 1st February, 1953 218,395

The figures for the first three years are approximate, as statistics were not then kept on an annual basis.

The figures for the years asterisked include most of the 168,000 places provided in huts under the HORSA programme.