HC Deb 04 December 1952 vol 508 cc170-1W
Mr. Blenkinsop

asked the Minister of Health what were the number and cost of prescriptions issued and dental treatment provided and appliances issued for

Number of prescriptions Average cost per prescription Total cost
October, 1951 20,358,621 45.31d. £3,843,579
October, 1952 18,662,000 Not yet available
(declared by chemists)
No figures are available to show the number of prescriptions dispensed to hospital out-patients in October, 1951, and October, 1952.

Treatment October, 1951 (5 weeks) October, 1952 (5 weeks)
Number Cost to the Exchequer Number Cost to the Exchequer
£ £
Completed courses of dental treatment under normal procedure (other than for the provision of dentures to which the 1952 charges do not apply) [Note 1] 495,000 £1,300,000 496,000 £1,100,000
Courses for limited treatment provided under simplified procedure [Note 2] 317,000 155,000
1. About one-third of the courses given in October, 1952, were subject to charges under the 1952 Act. The remaining courses were started before 1st June, or were for items of treatment to which the charges do not apply or were to the exempted classes of patients.
2. The courses for limited treatment, which consist largely of extractions of one or two teeth, usually cost under £1 and many patients may therefore be assumed to have had the treatment privately.

Surgical Appliances delivered to hospitals
October, 1951 (4 weeks) October, 1952 (Calendar month)
Number Estimated cost Number Estimated cost
£ £
Surgical Footwear (pairs) 3,534 32,700 3,955 35,000
Surgical Abdominal appliances 8,319 31,200 5,996 20,000
Elastic Hosiery (orders—pairs or single) 3,054 5,300 3,242 5,200
Wigs 938 12,000 593 7,600
TOTALS 15,845 £81,200 13,786 £67,800