HC Deb 18 October 1950 vol 478 cc254-5W
92. Mr. Pickthorn

asked the Minister of Labour how many men have reached the conscription age. and how many have actually joined His Majesty's Forces in each of the post-war years

Mr. Isaacs

The following table shows the number of men registered and the

Year Dates of Birth of Young Men required to Register during the Year Numbers Registered Numbers called up
1946 1.4.28 to 31.3.29 308,000 260,000
1947 1.4.29 to 31.3.30 300,000 183,400
1948 1.4.30 to 31.12.30 239,200 150,900
(3 registrations only)
1949 1.1.31 to 31.12.31 303,600 166,600

It should be noted:

1. Owing to the inevitable time lag between registration and actual call-up, the number called up in a particular year is not precisely related to the number registered in that year, it is more nearly related to the numbers registered at the first three quarterly registrations in that year and the last quarterly registration in the preceding year.

2. Since the end of 1946 the difference between the numbers registered and called up is accounted for by:

  1. (1) men found to be medically unfit for service:
  2. (2) men employed in coalmining, agriculture and the Merchant Navy who are not called up so long as they remain satisfactorily so employed;
  3. (3) men who joined the Forces as volunteers between registration and call-up;
  4. (4) men granted deferment to enable them to complete approved studies or apprenticeships.