HC Deb 02 March 1948 vol 448 cc59-61W
Sir W. Smithers

asked the Minister of Supply if he will give in tabular form the number of industries covered by the term "Iron and Steel Industry" as used by his Department; the number of companies in each separate industry; and the approximate amount of capital and persons employed in each of these industries.

Mr. G. R. Strauss

For purposes of administration the iron and steel industry it regarded as comprising undertakings engaged on a number of diverse production activities. The extent of these activities is indicated in Table I below, showing the number of undertakings engaged in each. Many undertakings are engaged in more than one activity and therefore appear under more than one heading in the Table. Details of the labour employed in the industry are given in Table II. Information concerning the capital employed in the different sections of the industry is not available.

Number of Producers by Trades.
Iron Ore 55
Pig Iron 43
Ferro Alloys 22
High Speed Steel 94
Billets, Blooms and Slabs 32
Sheet and Tinplate Bars 22
Heavy and Medium Plates 35
Heavy, Rails, Sleepers and Fishplates 17
Armour Plate 5
Other Heavy Rolled Products 47
Light re-rolled Products 124
Wrought Iron 26
Bright Steel Bars 48
Cold Rolled Strip 31
Sheets (Coated and Uncoated) 43
Tinplate, Terneplate and Blackplate 17
Tubes and Pipes 29
Wrought Iron Pipe Fittings 38
Drop Forgings 189
Railway Tyres, Wheels and Axles 12
Other Forgings 68
Wire Rods 15
Wire 94
Wire Rope 34
Wire Netting 8
Wire Chain Link Fencing 16
Wire Nails 9
Reinforcement Fabric 10
Springs (certain) 48
Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, Screws, and Washers 183
Steel Castings 98
Iron Castings 2,100

Trade. Total Employed.
1. General Process Workers
Iron Ore Mines 4,560
Coke Ovens 3,326
Blast Furnaces 10,902
Steel Melting 20,906
Rolling Mills 45,184
Sheet Making 18,097
Tin plate 12,888
Drop Forging 9,591
Other Forging 8,295
Steel Foundries 18,902
Wire Manufactures 17,111
Wrought Iron 2,176
Tubes and Fittings 20,266
TOTAL 192,204
General and Maintenance 94,008
Clerical Workers 25,666
TOTAL 311,878
2. Bolts, Nuts
Process and Maintenance 26,540
Clerical Workers 3,622
3. Ferro-Alloys
Process and Maintenance 1,739
Clerical Workers 186
4. Iron Foundries
Process and Maintenance 138,168
Clerical Workers 5,968
Total, Sections 1 to 4—
Process and General Maintenance 452,659
Clerical Workers 35,442