HC Deb 28 October 1943 vol 393 cc395-7W
Mr. Graham White

asked the Home Secretary how many aliens, men, women and children, respectively, have been received into this country in each month of 1943, or to the latest convenient date; how many of these were admitted under United Kingdom visas or arrived unexpectedly; how many were of allied nationality; and how many were of other than allied nationality, or stateless, escaping from Nazi persecution?

Mr. H. Morrison

The number of aliens to whom leave to land in the United Kingdom has been granted in each of the first nine months of 1943 are as follow:

Mr. George Hall

Under the Allied Forces Act, 1940, provision had been made by the various Orders in Council set out in Article 1 of this Order for regulating the relations between the civil authorities of the United Kingdom and thee forces of our Allies in the United Kingdom, while separate provision for the same purpose was made in relation to French forces in the United Kingdom by the Orders in Council revoked by Article 2 of the Order. In consequence of the constitution and recognition of the French Committee of National Liberation it became appropriate to deal with the French forces in the United Kingdom upon the same footing as the forces of our other Allies, and the Order was made for this purpose. It is clear on the face of the Order that it does no more than effect formal alterations in the Orders relating to allied and associated forces in the United Kingdom and that these changes were required in consequence of the new status of the French Committee of National Liberation; in these circumstances the addition of an explanatory memorandum was considered unnecessary.