HC Deb 13 October 1943 vol 392 cc916-7W
Mr. Rhys Davies

asked the Minister of Labour to give a list of countries at present affiliated to the International Labour Organisation?

Mr. Bevin

The most recent list of States members of the International Labour Organisation is that issued by the International Labour Office in 1940. This list is as follows:

Abyssinia India.
Afghanistan. Iran.
Albania. Iraq.
United States of America. Ireland.
Argentine Republic. Latvia.
Australia. Liberia.
Belgium. Lithuania.
Bolivia. Luxemburg.
Brazil. Mexico.
British Empire. Netherlands.
Bulgaria. New Zealand.
Canada. Norway.
Chile. Panama.
China. Peru.
Colombia. Poland.
Cuba. Portugal.
Czechoslovakia. Rumania.
Denmark. Spain.
Dominican Republic. Sweden.
Ecuador. Thailand.
Egypt. Turkey.
Estonia. Union of South Africa.
France. Uruguay.
Greece. Venezuela.
Haiti. Yugoslavia.
(* On 2nd November, 1938, Japan notified the International Labour Office of her withdrawal from the International Labour Organisation.)

The following States sent delegates or observers to the most recent session of the International Labour Conference—that held in New York and Washington in October and November, 1941:

United States of America. Eire.
Argentine Republic. Greece.
Australia. India.
Belgium. Luxemburg.
Bolivia. Mexico.
Brazil. Netherlands.
British Empire. New Zealand.
Canada. Norway.
Chile. Panama.
China. Persia.
Colombia. Peru.
Costa Rica. Poland.
Cuba. Siam.
Czechslovakia. Union of South Africa.
Dominican Republic. Uruguay.
Ecuador. Venezuela.
Egypt. Yugoslavia.

Mr. Parker

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs why the International Labour Office did not participate in the Bermuda Conference on migration, the Hot Springs Conference on food supplies and the Washington discussions on monetary stabilisation; and whether His Majesty's Government intend to use the International Labour Office in connection with important questions of post-war reconstruction?

Mr. Law

The Bermuda Conference on refugees was an exploratory discussion between His Majesty's Government and the United States Government, and there was no reason to associate the International Labour Office with it. As regards the Hot Springs Conference on Food and Agriculture, the International Labour Office accepted an invitation to submit papers for study by the Conference. The Washington discussions on monetary stabilisation are taking place informally between His Majesty's Treasury and the United States Treasury. As regards the last part of the Question, it is the desire of His Majesty's Government to associate the International Labour Office, wherever practicable, with post-war reconstruction work.