HC Deb 08 September 1942 vol 383 cc71-3W
Mr. J. Wilmot

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether there exists a comprehensive index to the subjects covered by the various Defence Regulations; and, if not, will he have such an index prepared and made available to Members?

Captain Crookshank

The Defence (General) Regulations have been reprinted with all amendments up to date and published at intervals of not more than four months; each edition is fully indexed. The Defence (Finance) Regulations and Miscellaneous Defence Regulations are reprinted at longer intervals, as often as a new edition is required by the number of amendments made since the last edition. Each edition of the Defence (Finance) Regulations contains an index; the volume of Miscellaneous Regulations does not contain an index, but the list of short titles of the Regulations printed at the beginning of the volume is in itself an adequate index. All Defence Regulations and orders issued thereunder which are made in the course of each year are also published in a separate volume of the annual edition of the Statutory Rules and and Orders, which is fully indexed. The Stationery Office also publish monthly, half-yearly and yearly a list of all Statutory Rules and Orders made during the preceding month, half-year and year; this list includes all Statutory Rules and Orders of any kind and not only the Defence Regulations and orders made thereunder; the subject matter is arranged alphabetically and the enabling provision under which each Regulation, Rule or Order is made is set out, so that it is not difficult to tell which of them has been made under the Emergency Powers (Defence) Acts. A copy of all these publications will be found in the House of Commons Library.

Mr. J. Wilmot

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer the reference numbers and particulars of all the regulations which have been made affecting the conduct of the Bank of England, the joint stock banks, the Stock Exchange and other financial institutions?

Sir K. Wood

I assume this Question relates to Regulations made under the Emergency Powers (Defence) Act and directly affecting the conduct of the business of financial institutions. Such Regulations are comprised in the Defence (Finance) Regulations, 1939, which were originally made at, or shortly before, the outbreak of war and have been subject to a number of amendments since. These Regulations have been published from time to time in pamphlet form, the most recent (the fourth) edition having been issued on the nth November, 1941, to incorporate all amendments to that date, together with a classified list of Treasury Orders made under the Regulations and then in force. Since that date two further Orders in Council amending the Regulations have been made, published as S.R. & O. 1942, Nos. 304 and 572, and the following Treasury Orders have been made under the Regulations:—

S.R. & O. 1941, No. 1787.

S.R. & O. 1941, No. 1890 (which revokes S.R. & O. 1941, No. 1423).

S.R. & O. 1941, No. 2072.

S.R. & O. 1941, No. 2073.

S.R. & O. 1942, No. 119.

S.R. & O. 1942, No. 120.

S.R. & O. 1942, No. 121.

S.R.& O. 1942, No. 766 (which revokes S.R. & O. 1941, No. 1625).

Financial institutions are of course also affected, in common with others, by wartime legislation on Trading with the Enemy and other matters.