HC Deb 21 October 1942 vol 383 cc1982-5W
Mr. Liddall

asked the Minister of Information whether he will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a list of the persons who were at the time Members of the House of Commons and who have spoken on the British Broadcasting Corporation service during the war, indicating the number of occasions on which each such hon. Member has spoken?

Mr. Bracken

One hundred and sixty-six Members of the House of Commons have broadcast in B.B.C. services since the beginning of the war. The total number of broadcasts so given is 1,321. I append the complete list.

Broadcasts by members of the House of Commons
Number of talks
Acland, Sir Richard 2
Adams, Major Vyvyan 1
Adamson, Mrs. J. L. 1
Alexander, the Rt. Hon. A. V. 23
Amery, the Rt. Hon. L. S. 39
Ammon. C. G. 1
Anderson, the Rt. Hon. Sir John 2
Assheton, Ralph 4
Astor, Viscountess 4
Attlee, the Rt. Hon. C R. 17
Balfour, Captain the Rt. Hon. Harold 4
Banfield, J. W. 1
Bartlett, Vernon 162
Baxter, A. Beverley 13
Beechman, Captain N. A. 8
Benn, the Rt. Hon. Wedgwood (Viscount Stansgate) 2
Bevan, Aneurin 2
Bevin, the Rt. Hon. Ernest 21
Boothby, Robert 5
Braithwaite, Lt.-Commander G. 1
Brooke, Henry 13
Brown, the Rt. Hon. Ernest 11
Brown, W. J. 2
Burgin, the Rt. Hon. Dr. Leslie 9
Butler, the Rt. Hon. R. A. 11
Campbell, Sir Edward 1
Cazalet, Colonel Victor 8
Cazalet Keir, Mrs. Thelma 5
Chamberlain, the late Rt. Hon. Neville 9
Chapman, A. 1
Churchill, the Rt. Hon. Winston 33
Cooper, the Rt. Hon. A. Duff 22
Colville, the Rt. Hon. John 2
Cranborne, the Rt. Hon. Viscount 2
Cripps, the Rt. Hon. Sir Stafford 11
Crookshank, Captain the Rt. Hon. H F. C 1
Cross, the Rt. Hon. Sir Ronald 27
Dalton, the Rt. Hon. Hugh 7
Dorman-Smith, Colonel the Rt. Hon. Sir R. 4
Drewe, Cedric 7
Ede, J. Chuter 1
Eden, the Rt. Hon. Anthony 20
Edwards, A. 1
Elliot, the Rt. Hon. Walter 51
Erskine-Hill, A. S. 2
Evans, D. O. 1
FitzRoy, Captain the Rt. Hon. E. A. 1
Foot, D. M 3
Fletcher, Lt.-Commander R. (Lord Winster) 3
Number of talks
Fraser, Captain Sir Ian 2
Gammans, Captain L. D. 9
Gower, Sir Robert 1
Green, W. H. 1
Greenwood, the Rt. Hon. Arthur 21
Grenfell, D. R. 11
Griffiths, James 12
Grigg, Sir E 3
Guest, Dr. Haden 1
Hall, the Rt. Hon. G. H. 2
Hely-Hutchinson. M. R 1
Henderson (Major), A. 3
Herbert, A. P 8
Herbert, the Rt. Hon. Sir Dennis 1
Hicks, George 22
Hill, Professor A. V. 7
Hoare, Lt.-Colonel the Rt. Hon. Sir Samuel 4
Hore-Belisha, the Rt. Hon. L. 2
Horsbrugh, Florence 8
Hudson, the Rt. Hon. R. S. 9
Hughes, R. M 4
Isaacs, G. 1
John, Will 1
Johnston, the Rt. Hon. Tom 4
Johnstone, Harcourt 1
Jones, A. Creech 4
Keeling, Squadron Leader E. H. 1
Kendall, W. D 1
Key, C. W. 2
King-Hall, Commander Stephen 61
Kirkwood, David 3
Lakin, Cyril 5
Law, Richard 1
Lees-Smith, the late Rt. Hon. H. B 5
Lindsay, Kenneth 3
Llewellin, Col. the Rt. Hon. J. J. 3
Lloyd, Major E. G. R. 3
Lloyd, G. W. 1
Lloyd George, the Rt. Hon. David 6
Lloyd George, Major the Rt. Hon. G. 13
Lloyd George, Megan 14
Lyttelton, Capt. the Rt. Hon. Oliver 9
Mabane, William 10
Macdonald, Gordon 11
MacDonald, the Rt. Hon. Malcolm 17
McEwen, Capt. J. H. F 1
Maclay, the Hon. J. P 1
Macmillan, the Rt. Hon. Harold 3
Margesson, Capt. the Rt. Hon. (Viscount Margesson) 5
Marsden, Captain A. 1
Maxwell Fyfe, Major Sir David 4
McNeil, Hector 2
Mitchell, Colonel H. P. 1
Molson, Hugh 1
Montague, Frederick 2
Moore Brabaon, Lt.-Colonel the Rt Hon. (Lord Brabazon) 3
Morgan, the late John 22
Morris-Jones, Sir Henry 1
Morrison, the Rt. Hon. Herbert 27
Morrison, the Rt. Hon. W. S. 10
Nicolson, the Hon. Harold 28
Nicholson, Godfrey 1
Noel-Baser, Philip 75
Orr-Ewing, Ian 1
Palmer, G. E. H. 1

Number of talks
Parker, John 2
Pethick-Lawrence, the Rt. Hon. F. W. 2
Phillips Price, M. 4
Pickthorn, Kenneth 7
Pym, L. R. 1
Rathbone, Eleanor 5
Ramsbotham, Herwald (Lord Soulbury) 5
Ridley, George 7
Roberts, Wilfrid 3
Robinson, Flight - Lieutenant Roland 1
Salter, the Rt. Hon. Sir Arthur 3
Sandys, Duncan 3
Savory, Professor D. L. 2
Shakespeare, Sir Geoffrey 1
Shinwell, E 1
Silkin, L. 1
Simon, the Rt. Hon. Sir John (Viscount Simon) 5
Sinclair, Major the Rt. Hon. Sir A. 9
Smith, Ben 1
Smith, Tom 2
Snadden, W. M. 1
Southby, Sir A. 11
Spears, Major-General Sir Edward 8
Stanley, the Rt. Hon. Oliver 3
Strauss, G. R. 27
Strauss, H. G. 1
Summers, G. S. 2
Summerskill, Dr. Edith 13
Sykes, Major-General the Rt. Hon. Sir F. 1
Tate, Mrs. M. C. 2
Thomas, Ivor 4
Thurtle, E. 1
Tomlinson, G. 2
Wakefield, W. W. 2
Walkden, A. G. 2
Wallace, the late Captain Euan 3
Ward, Irene 5
Wardlaw-Milne, Sir John 1
Waterhouse, Captain C. 3
Watkins, F. C. 1
Wedgwood, the Rt. Hon. J. C. (Lord Wedgwood) 5
Weston, Garfield 1
Westwood, J. 2
White, H. G. 1
Wilkinson, Ellen 17
Williams, the Rt. Hon. Tom 7
Willink, H. U. 6
Wilmot, John 4
Winterton, the Rt. Hon. Earl 12
Womersley, the R, t. Hon. Sir W. 5
Wood, the Rt. Hon. Sir Kingsley 12
Woodburn, A. 3

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