HC Deb 21 October 1942 vol 383 c1979W
Mr. Molson

asked the Minister of Labour the number of cases and the

Industry Group. Number of disputes in progress in September. Number of workpeople involved in all disputes in progress in month. Aggregate duration in working days of all disputes in progress in month.
Started before beginning of month. Started in month. Total.
Mining and quarrying 2 26 2S 3,900 7,000
Metal, engineering and shipbuilding 6 59 65 9,900 22,000
Textile 8 8 3,400 10,000
Transport 14 14 5,000 11,000
Other industries 1 16 17 2,800 3,000
Total 9 123 132 25,000 53,000

Causes.—Of the 123 disputes beginning in September, 40, directly involving 7,500 workpeople, arose out of demands for advances in wages, 4, directly involving 400 workpeople, out of proposed reductions in wages, and 30, directly involving 7,800 workpeople, on other wage questions; 5, directly involving 600 workpeople, on questions as to working hours; 23, directly involving 5,000 workpeople, on questions respecting the employment of particular classes or persons; 18, directly involving 1,300 workpeople, on other questions respecting working arrangements; and 3, directly involving 400 workpeople, on questions of trade union principle.

Duration.—Fifty-three of these stoppages lasted one day, 33 lasted two days, 17 lasted three days, 9 lasted four days, and the other 11 lasted for varying periods ranging from five to thirteen working days.

Of the 9 stoppages which began before September and continued into that month, 2 lasted two days (viz, 31st August and 1st September) and the other 7 lasted for varying periods ranging from five to twenty-four days (partly in August and partly in September).