HC Deb 03 February 1942 vol 377 c1058W
Sir R. Gower

asked the Secretary for Mines whether, in any programme of postwar planning, he will consider the desirability of giving effect to the following suggestions for the improvement of the conditions of horses and ponies employed below ground in mines; a single shift per day for horses and ponies as for miners; suitable lighting of underground stables to give daylight effect and a diffused supply of fresh air from inlets placed at suitable intervals; proper lighting of junctions and bends of roadways; pony-drivers to be over 16 years age and carefully trained; the provision of standard heights and widths for horses and ponies on all haulage roads along which they must travel; the affixing of approved electric battery lamps to the collars or bridles of each horse or pony while at work; and the provision of a pool of reserve horses and ponies, properly trained, for groups of collieries for use in emergencies?

Mr. Grenfell

Yes, Sir, these suggestions have been noted for consideration.