HC Deb 04 August 1942 vol 382 cc866-7W
Sir R. Gower

asked the Minister of Fuel and Power whether, to bring home to everyone the need for fuel economy, he will state the saving which could be effected by the reduction in the use of an electric-light bulb, 40 to 75, by one hour per day?

Major Lloyd George

It is assumed that the figures "40 to 75" refer to "40 to 75 watts." If so, the saving per day effected by the reduction in the use of a 40-watt lamp by one hour per day, is.04 of a unit, and on the assumption that one unit requires 1.5 lbs. of coal to generate it, the coal saving would be.06 lbs. of coal. For a 75-watt lamp the saving per day would be.075 of a unit, and the equivalent coal would be.1125 lbs. If every one of 8,000,000 consumers made such a reduction of lighting it would save 200 to 400 tons of coal per day.