HC Deb 07 August 1941 vol 373 cc2141-2W
Colonel Gretton

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs the names of the Research and Press Service Committee of Chatham House, now at Balliol College, Oxford; and whether the£53,000, from public funds, in this year's Estimates are used to pay their salaries?

Mr. Law

The names of the senior staff of the Foreign Research and Press Service are as follow: —

Director—Dr. A. J. Toynbee.

Deputy-Director—Professor G. N. Clark.

Assistant to Director—Miss V. M. Boulter.

France—Mr. V. McC. Stewart.


Mr. T. H. Marshall.

Mr. W. H. Johnston.

Mr. H. C. Hillmann.

Mr. M. J. Elsas.

Miss M. L. Dhonau.

Switzerland—Miss E. Stiff.

Low Countries and Scandinavia—

Professor G. N. Clark.

Dr. M. A. Thomson.

Miss A. Hicks.

Mr. R. P. Bell.

Mrs. S. C. Mess.

South-Eastern Europe—

Professor D. Mitrany.

Mr. R. G. D. Laffan.

Mr. C. A. Macartney.

Mrs. H. K. Thomson.


Professor W. J.Rose.

Mrs. W. J. Rose.

Italy and Italian Colonies—

Miss Grindrod.

Mr. B. J. Wall.

Spain and Portugal—

Professor W. C. Atkinson

Miss J. McLachlan.

Mr. P. Addison.

Latin America—

Dr. R. A. Humphreys.

Miss L. K. Duff.

Mr. W. L. Burn.

U.S.S.R. —

Mr. B. H. Sumner.

Dr. V. Conolly.

Dr. M. Miller.

Hon. Mrs. B. Miller.

U.S.A. —

Professor C. K. Webster.

Mr. F. P. Walters.

Mrs. L, Vranek.

Far East—

Mr. G. F. Hudson.

Mr. B. Ellinger.

Mr. F. C. Jones

Arab World and Middle East—

Professor H. A. R. Gibb.

Mr. H. Beeley.

Miss G. H. Stern.

Mr. A. H. Hourani.

British Empire—

Professor Sir A. Zimmern.

Professor C. A. W. Manning.

Dr. L. Mair.

Mrs. C. Comber.

International Law—Professor J. L. Brierly.

International Economics—

Professor A. G. B. Fisher.

Mr. A. J. Brown.

Research Editorial—

Professor H. J. Paton.

Professor H. H. Price.

General—Miss H. J. Harvey.

Enquiries—Miss E. Pares.

Of the above the following are paid in whole or in part by Oxford University or by Balliol or All Soul's Colleges:

Professor G. N. Clark.

Mr. C. A. Macartney.

Mr. B. H. Sumner.

Mr. G. F. Hudson.

Professor H. A. R. Gibb.

Professor Sir A. Zimmern.

Professor J. L. Brierly.

Professor H. J. Paton,

Of the £53,000 provided out of public funds, approximately £57,750 is expended on salaries.