HC Deb 21 August 1940 vol 364 c1315W
Mr. Kirkwood

asked the Attorney-General under what authority the court called the Court of General Claims is sitting; the panel from which the members of the court is drawn; the age of its chairman; whether it is a court of record; how long it has been sitting; whether the members of the court are paid for their work attending the court; and what is the scale of remuneration?

The Attorney-General

The proper title of the Court to which the hon. Member I think is referring is the General Claims Tribunal set up under section 8 of the Compensation (Defence) Act, 1939, the members whereof were appointed by my Noble Friend the Lord Chancellor on the 18th October, 1939. The Tribunal which may sit in several divisions is presided over by the Rt. Hon. Sir Sidney Rowlatt, who is 78 years of age. It consists of the President and the following members:

  • The Hon. Mr. Justice Asquith.
  • Lionel Cohen, Esq., K.C.
  • Sir Ernest Harvey, Bart.
  • J. G. Lidstone, Esq.
  • Arthur Moon, Esq., K.C.
  • John Morison, Esq.
Remuneration is payable to members of the Tribunal (other than those already in receipt of pensions or salaries paid by the Exchequer) at the rate of 120 guineas per month. It was expected that a number of claims would at an early stage come before the Tribunal. This has not happened and the Tribunal has only had to have one sitting. Remuneration at the above rate has so far been paid to only two members of the Tribunal, who were precluded by the terms of their appointment from engaging in other employment; these members have both generously agreed not to accept their salaries until the sittings of the Tribunal become more frequent. The Tribunal is not a court of record.