HC Deb 30 November 1939 vol 355 cc284-5W
Mr. David Adams

asked the Secretary for Mines what is the policy of his Department in appointing assistant divisional coal officers; whether in the provinces the Ministry of Health outdoor staffs are undertaking this work on their former salaries, while in London officers have been recruited from other parts of the Mines Department; and whether he will give the grading, salaries and duties of the latter officers?

Mr. Lloyd

Assistant divisional coal officers have been selected in view of their capability for the duties imposed upon them, which are to assist divisional coal officers in the exercise of their functions under my Department's war-time organisation. Each assistant divisional coal officer is responsible for an area within the divisional coal officer's district. In the provinces Ministry of Health staffs have been loaned for this work, on salary scales with maxima of £525 in England and Wales and up to £750 in Scotland.

The assistant divisional officers in London consist of three officers loaned from the Miners' Welfare Committee and one from the Coal Commission, for whom the salary payable by the Mines Department is limited to £500 in each case, and two officers loaned by the Coal Utilisation Joint Council at salaries of £475 and £600.

Mr. David Adams

asked the Secretary for Mines what policy was followed in selecting divisional coal officers; if he can give a list of these officers together with their business interests or occupations previous to their appointment; what duties they now undertake and the remuneration they receive; and whether he can give similar information in regard to the liaison officers who maintain contact between the divisional coal officer and the regional commissioner?

Mr. Lloyd

The following list indicates the names, salaries and previous occupation of divisional coal officers and liaison officers. These officers were selected in peace-time in view of their capability for the duties imposed upon them under my Department's war-time organisation. Liaison officers form part of the regional commissioner's staff and it is their duty to maintain liaison with the local representatives of the Mines Department on all matters which affect that Department.

With regard to the duties of divisional coal officers, I would refer the hon. Member to the statement I made on Monday, 17th July, in answer to a private notice question by the right hon. Gentleman the Member for Wakefield.

Divisional Coal Officers.
Name. Annual Salary. Previous Occupation.
A. A. Allen 750 Retired Home or Colonial Civil Servants.
W. C. Bostock 750
G. W. Brake, O.B.E. 675
Major D. S. Cook 800
D. H. Elias, C.M.G., M.C. 750
N. A. M. Griffin 750
H. R. E. Welby, C.M.G. 800
Lt.-Col. J. G. Coulthred-Thompson, D.S.O. 750 Peace-time staff of Mines Department.
E. E. Barnett 800 Business or Profession.
T. Muirhead 800
R. A. Rolfe 800

One vacancy caused by transfer of existing Civil Servant to other duties.

Liaison Officers.
Name. Annual Salary. Previous Occupation.
G. McFarlane 450 Retired Civil Servants.
J. H. Tomlinson 280
E. E. Lambert 550 Peace-time staff of Mines Department.
J. H. R. Corner 500
Major H. A. Henson 450 Retired Army Officer (India).
G. S. Ferrington 400 Business or Profession.
B. C. Nightingale 400
H. G Ray 400
R. S. A. G. Ritchie 430
A. S. J. Wallace 400
Two Vacancies.