HC Deb 21 November 1939 vol 353 cc1037-40W
Sir S. Reed

asked the Prime Minister what are the activities of the branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to which it is proposed to make a grant not exceeding £35,000 in the current financial year; to what extent these activities are a duplication of the work of His Majesty's Ambassadors, Ministers, and Consular officers, and of the Ministry of Information and its Press officers abroad; and whether he will give a list of the personnel of the branch, with the salaries, other than the clerical staff and messengers?

Mr. Butler

The activities of the branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs housed in Balliol College, Oxford, comprise the supply to Departments of His Majesty's Government of weekly reviews of the foreign and Dominions Press. These give accounts, with comment when necessary, of political, social, and economic events and tendencies. The Institute supplies special notes on items requiring immediate action by Departments, memoranda treating particular subjects more fully than is possible in the weekly reviews, answers to general inquiries from Departments, and material provided by the Press-cutting service of the Institute. In general, the Institute acts as both a reference library and a source of information on the background of current problems.

The activities of the Institute are in no sense a duplication of the work of His Majesty's Ambassadors, Ministers, and Consular officers, whose reports and memoranda deal more specifically with events and tendencies as viewed from the particular posts at which they are stationed; while the Institute surveys the whole field and co-ordinates material from the wider angle of foreign and Dominions affairs in general. Nor are they a duplication of the work of the Ministry of Information and its Press officers abroad. For, apart from the consideration given above, the Institute performs the important work of studying and summarising the whole of the Press in enemy territory.

A list is appended showing the staff, with salaries, other than clerical staff and messengers, employed at the Institute in connection with the activities in question. This list is furnished by courtesy of the Council of the Institute. I should add that the University of Oxford has made available a sum of £5,400 a year for work performed for the Government, while the Institute expects out of its own resources to contribute nearly £6,000 a year to the same end. His Majesty's Government greatly appreciate this generous aid, which reduces by a corresponding total the amount of the cost to public funds.

Organisation at 18th November, 1939
Specialist Staff.
Director: £
Dr. Arnold Toynbee 1,325
Assistant to Director 500
Miss V. M. Boulter, Miss M. K. Grindrod (see below under Italy), Miss E. Pares (see below under Poland and Baltic States).
Hon. George Peel 200
William McC. Stewart 700
Mrs. Raymond Johnes 208
Mrs. D. Loch (voluntary)
Germany and Czechoslovakia:
Dr. J. A. Hawgood 800
T. H. Marshall 800
Prof. Norman Baynes (voluntary)
Miss M. Lambert 260
Miss Sheila Grant Duff 300
Miss P. O'Mahony 300
Miss M. Dudley 156
Miss Eileen Stiff 325
Holland and Belgium:
Prof. G. N. Clark (paid by University) 1,000
Dr. M. A. Thompson 600
Mrs. Clement Jones (voluntary)
Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark):
L. J. Sturge 600
Mrs. Sturge (voluntary)
Miss Agnes Hicks 550
Mrs. M. Sandbach 300
S.E. Europe:
Prof. R. W. Seton-Watson 1,000
Mrs. Seton-Watson (voluntary)
Prof. David Mitrany 1,000
R. G. D. Laffan 800
C. A. Macartney (paid by University) 600
Prof. R. M. Dawkins (part time) 400
Miss K. Leathern 260
Poland and Baltic States:
Prof. W. J. Rose (£560 paid by-School of Slavonic Studies) 540
Mrs. Rose 300
Prof. H. J. Paton (paid by University) 1,000
Miss Elizabeth Pares 300
Italy and Italian Colonies:
Mr. Harold Stannard 700
Mrs. Arnold Toynbee (half time) 130
Miss M. K. Grindrod (part time, see above under Sub-Editors) 325
F. T. Prince 275
Spain and Portugal:
Prof. W. C. Atkinson 800
Mrs. A. T. K. Grant 300

Specialist Staff.
Latin America: £
Dr. R. A. Humphreys 600
Godfrey Scheele (seconded from British Museum) 350
Miss L. K. Duff 260
Prof, Sir Bernard Pares 1,000
B. H. Sumner (part paid by University) 800
Dr. Violet Conolly 500
Dr. Margaret Miller 500
Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan:
A. Cecil Edwards (part time, voluntary)
H. C. Hony (part time, voluntary)
Mrs. A. C. Edwards (voluntary)
Harold Seager 300
Arab World and North Africa:
H. Beeley 500
Dr. R. Levy 900
Miss G. H. Stern 400
A. H. Hourani 260
M. W. Dobson 208
Canon Danby (voluntary)
United States:
Prof. C. K. Webster 1,000
Mrs. C. K. Webster (voluntary)
Prof, D. W. Brogan 900
Mrs. L. F. Vranek 200
Lady Constance Howard 208
Far East:
E. W. Mead 800
G. F. Hudson (£500 paid by University) 600
F. C. Jones 300
British Empire:
Prof. Sir Alfred Zimmern (paid by University) 1,000
Prof. C. A. W. Manning 1,000
Mrs. C. A. W. Manning (voluntary)
Colonies {British and Others):
Dr. Lucy Mair 550
International Economics:
Prof. A. G. B. Fisher 1,200
International Law:
Prof. J. L. Brierly (paid by University) 1,000
International Institutions:
Prof. H. J. Paton (see above under Poland)
War Origins:
Prof. C. K. Webster (see above under United States)
Roman Catholic World:
Dr. N. Micklem 25
Miss Elizabeth Pares (see under Poland)
H. Beeley (see under Arab World)
W. G. Ettinghausen (voluntary)
Acting Secretary:
Miss M. E. Cleeve *600
Chief Clerk and One Bookkeeper:
Mr. E. J. Brown *525
*Seven-eighths chargeable to His Majesty's Government.