HC Deb 21 November 1939 vol 353 cc1064-5W
Mr. Jenkins

asked the Secretary for Mines whether he is now in a position to make a statement to the House regarding the ages of reservation of mine workers?

Mr. E. Brown

I have been asked to reply. Further consideration has been given to the reservation of colliery workers, and it has been decided to reduce the ages of reservation for a number of occupations.

Following is the list:

Occupation. Age at present appearing in the Schedule. Amended age.
Colliery worker underground (excluding Roadman and Haulage man).
Overman, deputy, examiner, fireman 25 23
Shot firer, Shot lighter 25 23
Timberman, roofman, repairer 23 21
Chargeman, Stallman (in charge) 21 18
Machineman (coal cutting), coal cutter (machine), coal cutting machineman, " iron man." 21 18
Flitter 21 18
Collier's assistant, collier's helper, getter's helper, hewer's helper, breaker's helper, stripper's helper, filler, loader. 21 18
Hard ground man's assistant, hard heading worker's assistant, rock header's assistant, borer's assistant, driller's assistant, stone drifter's assistant, stone miner's assistant, stoneman's assistant, tunneller's assistant, metal miner's assistant, crutter's assistant, mine driver's assistant, rock road driver's assistant, brancher's assistant. 23 18
Conveyor man, pan man 21 18
Conveyor shifter, conveyor drawer, conveyor erector, pan shifter, puller-up. 21 18
Colliery worker (underground) on Haulage, Roadways, etc.
Master haulier, gaffer haulier, haulage chargeman, traffic man, corporal 25 23
Roadman, roadsman, blocklayer, road layer, rolleyman, wagon wayman, road fettler. 25 23
Drawer, hurrier, hutch runner, putter, trammer (hand haulage) 21 18
Haulier, kincher, pony driver, pony putter, galloway putter (horse haulage). 21 18
Haulage hand, rope changer, rope or tram rider, run rider, chain runner, rope runner, journey attendant, gear man (mechanical haulage). 21 18
Junction man, pointsman 21 18
Coupler, shackler, clipper, clipper-on, spragger 21 18
Colliery labourer (underground).
Tip-end boy, tub loader, dumper, engine boy, tension end lad 21 18
Colliery worker (above ground).
Pitman, shaftsman, shanksman 23 21
Pulleyman, ropeman 23 21