HC Deb 05 July 1939 vol 349 cc1320-1W
Mr. R. Gibson

asked the Minister of Transport what were the casualties from road accidents in Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, and Greenock, respectively, for the month of June, 1939, and the corresponding figures for April and May, 1939; and what are the comparable figures for 1938 and 1937, respectively?

Captain Wallace

The following is the answer:

fare in Edinburgh and the additional rate thereafter; what are the corresponding figures for London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Dundee, and Aberdeen; and if, in view of the fact that the taxicab fares in operation in Edinburgh are the cause of annoyance to the inhabitants and a serious handicap to the owners of taxicabs there, he will consult with the local authority with a view to reducing these fares?

Burgh Minimum Fare Additional Fare.
Aberdeen 1s. 6d. for the first mile or part thereof. 2d. for every additional one-tenth of an uncompleted mile or part thereof, 1s. 6d. for every completed mile after the first. For every adult above the number of four 3d. for every mile or part thereof.
Dundee 1s. 6d. for the first mile or part thereof. 1s. 6d. for every additional mile or part thereof. For every passenger above the number of four 6d.
Edinburgh 1s. 6d. for a distance not exceeding one mile or a period not exceeding 20 minutes. 2d. for every additional one-eighth of a mile or part thereof or for an additional period not exceeding 2 ½ minutes. For a fifth passenger 6d.
Glasgow 1s. for not more than two grown up persons for a distance not exceeding one mile. 3d. for every additional quarter of a mile or part thereof. For every person above the number of two 6d. per person.
Liverpool 1s. for the first mile or 15 minutes or for any less distance or time. 3d. per quarter of a mile or 3 ¾ minutes or less distance or time.
London 9d. for two persons for the first two-thirds of a mile or 7 minutes. 3d. for every additional one-third of a mile or 3 ¾ minutes. 6d. for every additional person excluding infants in arms beyond two, (two children under the age of 10 count as one person).

As regards the last part of the question, the fares in Edinburgh are regulated by by-laws made by the magistrates under powers conferred by Local Acts, and I am informed that the question of the possible reduction of existing fares has been remitted to a sub-committee of the magistrates for consideration.