HC Deb 24 February 1938 vol 332 cc568-9W
Mr. Frankel

asked the Minister of Health whether he will state the areas, giving names of cities, towns, or other places, where there is no longer any actual shortage of housing accommodation?

Sir K. Wood

I presume that the hon. Member is referring to a statement in paragraph 54 of the recent report of the Ridley Committee on the Rent Restriction Acts, concerning evidence given to that Committee by my Department. If he will refer to paragraph 45 of the same report he will find a more detailed reference to that evidence. The places where there is no shortage of accommodation assessed on the basis referred to in the paragraph are Arundel Borough, and the urban districts of Alsager, Grange, Aberayron and New Quay. There are many others where the percentage of overcrowding is below I per cent.

Miss Wilkinson

asked the Minister of Health whether he will consider making provision in the new Housing Bill for a special subsidy to local authorities for the re-housing of persons suffering from tuberculosis who are living under housing conditions prejudicial to their health?

Sir K. Wood

Under the existing Housing Acts local authorities may provide houses for persons suffering from tuberculosis and any houses so provided obtain the benefit of the existing subsidies. In addition, the authorities may grant rebates from rent in suitable cases. In the circumstances I do not consider that any special subsidy is necessary.

Mr. Lunn

asked the Minister of Health what is the total number of houses built during 1937 by private enterprise and by local authorities?

Sir K. Wood

During the year ending 31st December, 1937, about 73,800 houses were built in England and Wales by local authorities. Information is not available as to the number of houses built during that year by private enterprise as the returns made to my Department in respect of such houses relate to half-years ending 30th September and 31st March. During the year ending 30th September, 1937, 265,745 houses were built in England and Wales by private enterprise.