HC Deb 23 November 1937 vol 329 cc1046-7W
Mr. Acland

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury (I) in what form have the manufacturers of the articles covered by the recommendations contained in Cmd. 5591 given assurances that the prices of their product will not be raised above certain maxima; what are these maxima; what are the current prices of the products concerned; and what were the corresponding prices a year ago and at the same time of year in 1930;

(2) what is the rate of duty at present charged on each of the articles mentioned in the schedule to Cmd. 5591; what will be the rate of duty on those articles if the recommendation of the Import Duties Advisory Committee is accepted; and what is the current wholesale price of one hundredweight of each of those products?

Lieut.-Colonel Colville

The existing rates of duty and the rates which were recommended by the Import Duties Advisory Committee are set out below. The home manufacturers gave the Committee assurances that in the event of the duties being increased, they would not advance their prices beyond certain maxima, except in so far as increases could be justified by increases in the prices of the materials which are important factors in the cost of production. The duties have not in fact been increased and I do not think that it would be proper to publish the details of the assurances.

Such information as is available regarding the prices both of home produced and of imported milks is contained in the following statements:

Wholesale Prices: United Kingdom Production.
Product. Quantity. 1937(A). 1936(A). 1930(B).
Condensed Milk:
Full Cream:
Sweetened Case of 48 14-oz. tins 17S. 16S. 3d. 18s. 6d.
Sweetened (barrels) Cwt. 37s. 32s. 38s. 6d.
Unsweetened Case of 48 16-oz. tins 17s. 15s. 6d. 18s. 6d.
Unsweetened (bulk) Cwt. 42s. 7d.(D) 40s. 10d.(D) Not available
Sweetened Case of 48 1½-pint tins 9s. 6d. 6s. 9d. (E)
Sweetened (barrels) Cwt. 24s. 6d. 22s. 22s. 6d.
Milk Powder:
Full Cream:
Roller Process Cwt. (in cartons or paper lined cases). 76s. 51s. 6¼d.—59s.(C) 72s.
Spray Process Cwt. 86s. 8¼d.(D) 73s. 9d. (D) 109s.
Roller Process Cwt. (in bags) 28s. 22s. 3d.—35s. 0½d.(C) 33s.
Spray Process Cwt. 40s. 28s. 54s. 6d.
(A) Minimum prices agreed by the various associations. These prices do not apply to certain proprietary and advertised brands.
(B) Comparable prices not available for 1930. Prices quoted have been obtained from a representative home manufacturer.
(C) Agreed minimum prices were not in operation. Prices quoted are average of various prices furnished by manufacturers and are not strictly comparable.
(D) Agreed minimum prices not in operation. Figures quoted are comparable average prices during corresponding months of 1936 and 1937.
(E) Prices of 1½-pint tins for 1930 are not available, but on the basis of prices for a slightly larger size (1⅞ pints) the price would have been slightly higher than in 1937, comparable prices for this size being 12s. 9d. in 1930 and 12s. in 1937.
Prices quoted for case goods are as delivered to the wholesale trade, prices for bulk packings are as delivered to the purchasing manufacturers, etc., with the exception of the current minimum prices for spray process powder, which are ex-factory.

Wholesale prices per cwt. on 2nd October, 1937.
Dutch. New Zealand.
I. Condensed whole milk. Sweetened 35s. 3d.—36s. 3d.
II. Condensed skimmed milk 23s. 9d.
III. Milk powder full cream. (Roller Process) 65s. 75s.
Milk powder full cream. (Spray Process) 70s. 87s.
Milk powder skimmed (Roller Process) 26s.
Milk powder skimmed (Spray Process) 39s. 35s.—40s.