HC Deb 02 March 1936 vol 309 cc1018-9W

asked the Home Secretary what has been the total capital expenditure of the Betting Control Board for each year since its inception and the annual sum set apart for depreciation?


I am informed by the Racecourse Betting Control Board that the capital expenditure of the board for each year since it was established is as follows:

£299,358 in respect of "Preliminary Development and General Expenditure" which, as stated in paragraph 94 of the Board's Annual Report for the year 1930, falls to be written off out of the profits available in future years. The amount also includes the sum of £398,269 in respect of "Redundant Assets" an explanation of which was given on pages 15 and 16 of the Board's Annual Report for the year 1933.

As was stated in the Auditors' Report appended to the Balance Sheet at 31st December, 1934, no provision has been made for depreciation of Buildings, Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Furniture and Fittings or Expenditure on Lease hold Premises, and the value placed on each of these items in the 1934 Balance Sheet represents the actual cost of pro viding the Board's working plant, all obsolete plant having been transferred to Redundant Assets Account. The working plant has been, in the opinion of the Board's technical staff, properly maintained and the cost of such maintenance has been provided from the revenue of

Year. Number of persons convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Number reprieved. Number of sentences quashed on appeal. Number certified insane and removed to Broadmoor. Recommended to mercy.
Number. Result.
1931 18 7 1 1 4 All reprieved.
1932 15 6 5 All reprieved.
1933 19 9 10 8 reprieved.
2 executed.
1934 24 12 2 1 12 9 reprieved.
3 executed.
1935 21 8 2 1 8 6 reprieved.
1 executed.
1 conviction quashed on appeal.
Total for five years 1931–1935. 97 42 5 3 39 32 reprieved.
6 executed.
1 conviction quashed on appeal.