HC Deb 20 December 1935 vol 307 cc2144-51W

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether he will make a statement giving particulars of the committees of inquiry which were set up by the Government during the last Parliament, also stating which have so far reported?


The following is a list of the Commissions and Committees (excluding Standing and Statutory Committees, etc.), appointed by the Government during the last Parliament, showing in each case the object of the inquiry and whether a report has been received:—

Name of Commission or Committee. Object of Inquiry. Date of Appointment. Remarks.
Courts of Summary Jurisdiction (Appeals). To consider the law and practice relating to appeals from decisions of courts of summary jurisdiction and to recommend such amendments, if any, as may be thought desirable. July, 1932 Reported April, 1933.
Legal Education To consider the organisation of Legal Education in England. August, 1932 Reported July, 1934.
Police Pay To inquire and report upon the scales of pay for sergeants and constables who joined the forces after 30.9.31. September, 1932 Reported February, 1933.
Employment of Prisoners. To recommend improvements in the methods of employing prisoners and of assisting them to obtain employment on discharge. September, 1932 Interim Report November, 1933. Final Report April, 1935.
Leave and Passage Conditions for the Colonial Service. To review the position in the various Colonial Dependencies with regard to these questions. October, 1932. Reported August, 1934.
Methods of Accounting in Certified Schools. To inquire into methods of accounting in schools certified under the Children Act. 1908. November, 1932 Reported October, 1934.
Business of Courts To report whether greater expedition or economy is practicable in the Courts of Law. December, 1932 1st Interim Report, February, 1933.
2nd Interim Report, December, 1933.
Police Uniforms To consider measures for securing greater uniformity of pattern in police uniform clothing. December, 1932 Reported January, 1934.
Trade Marks To report as to the desirability of changes in the Law. January, 1933 Reported April, 1934.
Police Administrative Areas (Scotland). To report on the question of dividing Scotland into a smaller number of areas. February, 1933 Reported November, 1933.
Overwinding in Mine Shafts. To inquire into precautions against overwinding. February, 1933 Reported March, 1935.
Newfoundland (Royal Commission). To report on the financial situation. February, 1933 Reported October, 1933.
Housing and Slum Clearance (England). To consider methods of securing proper standards of fitness in working class houses and promoting the supply of such houses. March, 1933 Reported July, 1933.
ditto (Scotland). May, 1933 Reported December, 1933.
Gift Coupons To report whether Gift Coupon Trading is detrimental to the public interest. April, 1933 Reported July, 1933.
Police organisation for the detection of crime. To inquire into the organisation and procedure of the police forces in England and Wales for the detection of crime. May, 1933
Imprisonment for Debt. To consider the possibility of reducing the number of imprisonments for debt. June, 1933 Reported June 1934.
Health Services (Scotland). To review the existing health services in Scotland. June, 1933
Overseas Students To consider what steps should be taken to encourage students to come to the United Kingdom for education. July, 1933 Reported January, 1935.
Private Flying To inquire into the Air Navigation Regulations relating to Private Flying. July, 1933 Reported April, 1934.
Name of Commission or Committee. Object of Inquiry. Date of Appointment. Remarks.
Local Authorities' Buildings. To inquire into the cost of construction and maintenance of local authorities' buildings. July, 1933
Food Standards To inquire into the law relating to the composition and description of articles of food. May, 1931. Re-appointed, July, 1933. Reported March, 1934.
Valuation of Sheep Stocks (Scotland). To inquire into the methods of valuing sheep stocks in Scotland on the termination of a tenancy. November, 1933 Reported September, 1934.
Supply of Barley for Distilleries (Scotland) To consider the question of the supply of Scottish barley for the use of distilleries. December, 1933 Reported March, 1934.
Factory Abbattoirs To consider the technical requirements of factory abattoirs. December, 1933 Reported June, 1934.
Firearms (Definition of). To consider the law relating to the definition and classification of firearms and ammunition. February, 1934 Reported November, 1934.
Land Transfer Committee. To consider the procedure in relation to the making of Orders under the Land Registration Act, 1925. January, 1934 Reported January, 1935.
Durham University (Royal Commission). To inquire into the organisation of the University of Durham and its constituent colleges. March, 1934 Reported January, 1935.
Sugar Industry To inquire into state of the sugar industry. April, 1934 Reported March, 1935.
Hop Committee (Provisional). To consider various matters relating to the production, etc., of hops. April, 1934 Reported June, 1934.
Television Development. To consider development of television and advise on conditions under which any public service of television should be provided. May, 1934 Reported January, 1935.
Vagrancy (Scotland). To investigate the (subject of vagrancy in Scotland. May, 1934
Organisation of Lunacy Office. To inquire into the staff organisation and accommodation of the Lunacy Office. June, 1934 Reported February, 1935.
Two shift system To inquire into the temporary provisions contained in Sec. 2 of the Employment of Women, Young Persons and Children Act, 1920. June, 1934 Reported May, 1935
Nurses, Training and Registration (Scotland). To inquire into the training and registration of nurses in Scotland. June, 1934
Street Lighting To examine and report on the steps to be taken for securing more efficient street lighting. July, 1934 Interim Report September, 1935,
Flats for the Working Classes. To inquire into methods of construction, etc, of flats suitable for the working classes. July, 1934 Interim Report—May, 1935.
Royal Commission on Tithe Rentcharge. To inquire into the whole question of Tithe Rentcharge in England and Wales. August, 1934 Report presented.
Noise To consider the principal causes of noise in the operation of mechanically propelled vehicles. August, 1934 Interim Report—August, 1935.
Social services connected with Courts of Summary Jurisdiction To inquire into the social services connected with the administration of justice in courts of Summary Jurisdiction. October, 1934
Royal Commission on the Despatch of business at Common Law. To inquire into the state of business in the King's Bench Division of the High Court. December, 1931
Name of Commission or Committee. Object of Inquiry. Date of Appointment. Remarks.
Survey of Air Defence. To consider how far recent advances in scientific and technical knowledge can be used to strengthen the present methods of defence against hostile aircraft. December, 1934 Interim Report—May, 1935.
Poor Law (Scotland). To examine the existing statutory provisions relating to the relief of the poor in Scotland. February, 1935
Arms Traffic (Royal Commission). To inquire into the question of the Private Manufacture of and Trading in Arms. February, 1935
Coroners To inquire into the law and practice relating to Coroners. February, 1935
Road Safety Instruction for School Children (England). To consider and advise what steps can best be taken with a view to promoting road safety among school children. March, 1935
ditto (Scotland).
Approved Schools. To inquire into the conditions of service, remuneration and super-annuation of the staffs of Approved Schools. April, 1935
Tyneside Local Government (Royal Commission). To examine the system of local government in that area and to consider what changes, if any, might be made to ensure greater economy and efficiency. April, 1935
Merthyr Tydvil Local Government (Royal Commission). To investigate and report whether the existing status of Merthyr Tydvil as a county borough should be continued. April, 1935 Reported November, 1935.
Key Industry Duties. To consider the position that will arise on the expiry on 19 August, 1936 of the duties imposed under Part I of the Safeguarding of Industries Act, 1921, as amended by Finance Act, 1926. April, 1935
Broadcasting To consider the constitution, control and finance of the Broadcasting Service in this country, and advise generally on the conditions under which the service should be conducted after 31st December, 1936. April, 1935
Copyright To consider propositions put forward by the Belgian Government for consideration at the Brussels Conference in 1936, on the revision of the International Copyright Convention. May, 1935 Reported November, 1935.
Royal College of Art To consider closer correlation of the work and organisation of the Royal College of Art with that of other institutions of similar standing in London. May, 1935
Ordnance Survey (a) To consider what measures are necessary to accelerate the revision of Ordnance Survey maps. May, 1935 Interim Report, December 1935.
(b) To consider what immediate steps are possible in the meantime to revise Ordnance Survey maps to the extent necessary for the purpose of town and country planning schemes.
(c) To review the scales and styles of maps placed on sale.
(d) To review conditions upon which reproduction of maps is permitted.
Name of Commission or Committee. Object of Inquiry. Date of Appointment. Remarks.
Electricity Distribution. To bring under review the organisation of the distribution of electricity. July, 1935
Civil Aviation To consider and report upon measures which might be adopted for assisting the promotion of civil aviation and their probable cost. July, 1935.
Indian Delimitation Committee. To prepare a scheme of delimitation for the territorial constituencies by which members are to be elected to the Federal and Provincial Legislatures. July, 1935.
Fire Brigade Services (England and Wales). To advise whether any steps are needed to improve organisation and co-operation for the purpose of meeting danger from fire. August, 1935
Steering Gear To consider in the interests of safety of life at sea the types of steering gear fitted in the s.s. "Usworth" and the s.s. "Blairgowrie" and to make recommendations. August, 1935
Poultry To consider present methods of supply and distribution of hatching eggs, day-old chicks, and breeding stock in Great Britain, both generally and with particular reference to the reduction of poultry mortality, and to make recommendations. September, 1935
Workmen's compensation Acts. To inquire into and make recommendations on— October, 1935
(i) the operation of the Acts in relation to workmen affected by Miner's Nystagmus.
(ii) the system of medical examination and certification by medical Referees and certifying surgeons in force under the Acts.
To inquire into and report on the working of the provisions and practice relating to the settlement of workmen's compensation claims by the payment of lump sums.