HC Deb 30 November 1933 vol 283 cc1067-8W

asked the Home Secretary by nationalities, the number of aliens who have entered this country during the last six months for which figures are available on the understanding that they would remain here for six months?


For the six months ended 30th September last the figures are as follow:

Nationality. No. of passengers.
Austrian 75
Belgian 64
Bulgarian 2
Chinese 107
Czecho-Slovak 46
Dutch 308
Finnish 31
French 376
German 681
Greek 32
Hungarian 21
Italian 155
Japanese 60
Jugo-Slav 12
Polish 85
Rumanian 16
Russian 41
Scandinavian (including Danish) 338
Spanish and Portuguese 112
Swiss 158
Turk 3
United States 1,098
Other nationalities 402
Total 4,223

These figures include students and visitors for business or other purposes who expect to stay in the United Kingdom for six months at the least, but do not include persons in possession of Ministry of Labour permits, diplomats, residents returning or seamen. An analysis of the classes. of persons covered by these figures is given every year in the Annual Return under Table II.