HC Deb 24 July 1933 vol 280 cc2237-8W

asked the Minister of Agriculture if he is aware that the London bakers are increasing the price of bread from 7½d. to 8d. a quartern loaf on Monday next; what increases have taken place in the selling price of flour since January last; and whether the decision come to by the London master bakers is within the regulations of the Food Council?


I have been asked to reply. I am aware of this increase in the price of bread, which is in accordance with the scale recommended by the Food Council. Under this scale the price of bread rises to 8d. per quartern loaf when the published price of standard grade flour plus the quota payment under the Wheat Act rises above 31s. per sack. The following statement gives the prices of flour in London since 1st January:

Prices of Standard Grade Flour per sack of 280 lbs. as announced by the London Flour Millers' Association.

s. d.
On January 1st, 1933 22 6
January 9th, 1933 23 6
January 18th, 1933 23 0
January 23rd, 1933 22 6
February 3rd, 1933 22 0
March 6th, 1933 22 6
March 13th, 1933 23 0
March 17th, 1933 24 0
March 22nd, 1933 23 0
April 3rd, 1933 22 6
April 10th, 1933 23 0
April 12th, 1933 23 6
April 24th, 1933 24 6
May 8th, 1933 25 6
June 12th, 1933 24 6
June 23rd, 1933 2r, 0
June 26th, 1933 26 0
June 28th, 1933 27 6
July 12th, 1933 28 6
July 19th, 1933 29 6
July 21st, 1933 28 6

For the purpose of calculating the price of bread in accordance with the Food Council scale there is added to the above prices the quota payment which has to be paid to the Wheat Commission by millers and importers of flour under the provisions of the Wheat Act, 1932. This payment has been constant throughout this year at 2s. 9d. per sack of 280 lbs.