HC Deb 07 July 1932 vol 268 cc635-6W

asked the Minister of Health whether he can make any statement as to the results of the inquiries into and the consideration of M. Spahlinger's published formula for the treatment of tuberculosis?


On 28th January, 1932, M. Henri Spahlinger submitted to me a statement of his method for the preparation of antigens with detailed reference to tuberculosis. I sent a copy of the statement to a number of scientific authorities for their observations and similar action was taken in Scotland by the Department of Health for Scotland.

The following is a summary of these observations:—

  1. 1. All the authorities consulted draw attention to the general character of the statement and the absence of the necessary details of bacteriological technique. They regard the information supplied as insufficient to ensure that vaccines prepared by other investigators would be identical with those of M. Spahlinger.
  2. 2. It is noted that the statement does not relate to the preparation of the curative serum formerly recommended by M. Spahlinger for the treatment of tuberculosis in man.
  3. 3. The statement relates to the use of vaccines for the immunization of human beings and cattle against tuberculosis, and it is desirable that the value of these vaccines should be supported by experimental proof.
  4. 4. The Medical Research Council and the majority of the other authorities consulted consider that if a sufficient quantity of bovine vaccine can be supplied by M. Spahlinger the question of its experimental trial on animals might be considered. To render such tests practicable detailed information from M. Spahlinger in regard to dosage, methods of administration and standardisation would be required.
  5. 5. The authorities consulted considered that a clinical investigation of the immunizing value of the human vaccines in human beings on the evidence available would be undesirable.
  6. 6. It is understood that the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries are in communication with M. Spahlinger concerning arrangements for an experimental trial of the bovine vaccine on animals, and also concerning the details of the method of preparation and administration of the bovine vaccine.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries state that M. Spahlinger has undertaken to supply a sufficient quantity of the bovine vaccine for the experiment, as soon as it can be prepared.