HC Deb 14 May 1931 vol 252 cc1379-80W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies whether His Majesty's Government propose to give any assistance to the Government of Mauritius to meet the damage and loss caused by the hurricane which visited the Colony in March last?


His Majesty's Government gave early and sympathetic consideration to the difficulties of the Government of Mauritius in view of this natural disaster, and they propose to seek the approval of Parliament for the following measures of assistance:

  1. (a) A grant of £5,000 in aid of the relief of distress.
  2. (b) The guarantee by His Majesty's Government of the interest and sinking fund payments of a loan to be raised by the Government of Mauritius and to be used for—
  3. 1380
    1. (1) The repair and replacement of Government property damaged in the hurricane;
    2. (2) Loans on security to planters and others up to the amount of the losses suffered by the hurricane by way of damage to property, stock, etc., and loss of growing crops; and
    3. (3) The construction of public works.

The assistance is subject to the condition, which has been accepted by the Colonial Government, that a Financial Commission shall be appointed as soon as possible to visit the Colony and advise on measures to secure a balanced Budget at the earliest possible date, and to certain detailed conditions as regards the advances to planters and others.