HC Deb 24 June 1931 vol 254 cc452-4W

County and Locality.

Angus (Forfarshire):



Johnshaven, Montrose.

Forth and Kinross:

Total number of outbreaks in Great Britain:
England 22
Scotland 19
Total 41


asked the Minister of Agriculture what are the present regulations as to the detention of cattle imported from Northern Ireland before their being put on the market in Great Britain?


Cattle, sheep, goats and swine brought from any part of Ireland are required to be landed exclusively at landing places approved by the Ministry and there detained in reception lairs for a minimum period of 10 hours, during which they are examined in daylight by a veterinary inspector of the Ministry. If found free from any evidence of disease the animals are licensed from the landing places either to a market specially authorised by the local authority for the exposure of imported animals or to premises, including a slaughterhouse, other than a market. If the animals are moved to a market they must be removed therefrom only to premises for detention for a period of six days or for slaughter. If the animals are moved from the landing place direct to premises other than a market they must be likewise detained thereon for six days unless slaughtered. The six days' detention is a statutory requirement imposed by the Importation of Animals Act, 1922 (Session 2). After the expiration of this period of detention the animals are free to be moved any-where in Great Britain.


asked the Minister of Agriculture what period of time is estimated by his Department to ensue from the period when cattle are infected with foot-and-mouth disease to the time when the disease can be diagnosed by veterinary surgeons?


The period of incubation is usually from four to six days.

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