HC Deb 09 December 1931 vol 260 cc1874-81W
Lieut.-Colonel MOORE

asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether he will furnish a return of all Royal Commissions and committees of inquiry which are still in being, together with their terms of reference; the date of their appointment; the approximate date on which their report may be expected; and their cost to date?


pursuant to his reply [OFFICIAL REPORT, 3rd December, 1931; col. 1269, Vol. 260], circulated the following table:

This List does not include Statutory or Standing Bodies, Sub-Committees, nor Departmental Committees composed exclusively of Officials.
Name of Commission or Committee. Abridged Terms of Reference. Date of Appointment. Department primarily concerned. Probable date of Report.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Royal Commissions,
Licensing (England and Wales). To inquire into the working of the laws relating to the sale and supply of intoxicating liquors, etc. 30th Sept., 1929. Home Office Early in 1932.
Unemployment Insurance. To inquire into the provisions and working of the Unemployment Insurance Scheme. 9th Dec, 1930. Ministry of Labour. Interim Report dated 1.6.31.
Malta To visit Malta and consider the existing political situation in the Island. 23rd Feb., 1931. Colonial Office Expected with-in a few weeks.
Other Commissions and Committees.
Dust in Cotton Card Rooms Committee. To inquire how far, if at all, dust in Cotton Card Rooms is a cause of illhealth. 6th Jury, 1927. Home Office Almost immediately.
Codification of the Law relating to Income Tax. To prepare draft bill to codify law relating to Income Tax, and to suggest any alterations in general system of administration which would promote uniformity and simplicity. 31st Oct., 1927. Inland Revenue
Records of Parliament Committee. To examine materials available for a record of the personnel and politics of past members of the House of Commons from 1264 to 1832. March, 1929 Treasury.
Crime Statistics Committee. To consider and report upon the method of Police record of Indictable offences. 9th May, 1929. Home Office.
Furunculosis To investigate the origin predisposing causes and mode of dissemination of furunculosis and similar infectious diseases among salmon, trout and other fresh water fish. 31st July, 1929. Fishery Board (Scotland). Interim Report dated 31.3.30 further interim report in preparation.
Street Accident Investigation. To consider and report on the best and most practical means of carrying out a detailed investigation of the causes of street accidents occurring over a limited period in the London Traffic Area. 24th Oct., 1929. Ministry of Transport. Expected in March, 1932.
Legislative and Judicial Powers of Departments. To consider the powers exercised by or under the direction of (or by persons or bodies appointed specially by) Ministers of the Crown by way of (a) delegated legislation and (b) judicial or quasi-judicial decision. 30th Oct., 1929. Lord Chancellor's Department. Draft Report under consideration.

Name of Commission or Committee Abridged Terms of Reference. Date of Appointment. Department primarily concerned. Probable date of Report.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Other Commissions and Committees—cont.
Deep Diving Equipment. (1) To recommend (in detail) what equipment is necessary to enable useful work to be carried out by divers at depths of at least 50 fathoms. 17th Jan., 1930. Admiralty. Sometime in 1932.
(2) To recommend improvements in the organisation of the Diving Service in the Navy, etc.
Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea. To consider the existing Board of Trade Memorandum on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea, and to advise the Board of Trade what alterations, if any, are desirable. 14th Feb., 1930. Board of Trade. April, 1932.
Re-assessment of Grants to Institutions of Higher Agricultural Education. To consider and report what grants should be made to such Institutions for the 5 years beginning 1st October, 1930. 6th March, 1930. Ministry of Agriculture. Draft Report awaiting signature.
Anglo-Soviet Debts and Claims. (British Section). In conjunction with an equal number of Russian experts to assist the Plenipotentiaries of the two Governments in negotiations for the settlement of claims and counter-claims, inter-governmental and private, etc. 14th July, 1930. Foreign Office.
Folk Museum in London. To consider the recommendations of the Royal Commission on National Museums and Galleries that a National Folk Museum should be established, if possible, in London. August, 1930. Office of Works. Within a month or two.
Local Government Officers. To enquire into and make recommendations on the qualifications, recruitment, training and promotion of Local Government Officers. 15th Sept., 1930. Ministry of Health.
Agricultural Tied Cottages. To inquire into the conditions of occupation of agricultural cottages in England and Wales which are either let to or provided for agricultural workers in consequence of their employment. 25th Oct., 1930. Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries and Ministry of Health. Draft Report under consideration.
Workmen's Compensation (Industrial Diseases). To inquire whether, (1) poisoning by turpentine; and (2) papilloma occurring in workers liable to mule spinner's cancer, etc., should be included in the schedule of Industrial Diseases to which Sec. 43 of the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1925, applies. 13th Nov., 1930. Home Office. Interim Report about to be issued; further interim report not unlikely in view of further inquiries being made. No date cam be given for final report.

Name of Commission or Committee. Abridged Terms of Reference. Date of Appointment. Department primarily concerned. Probable date of Report.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Other Commissions and Committees—cont.
Position of Schools not in receipt of grants from public funds. To survey the present position of the Board of Education and the Local Education Authorities in relation to schools not in receipt of grants from public funds. 8th Dec., 1930. Board of Education. Feb. or March, 1932.
Local Government and Public Health Law Consolidation. To consider under what heads the enactments applying to England and Wales (exclusive of London) and dealing with (a) Local Authorities and Local Government, and (b) matters relating to the public health, should be grouped in consolidating legislation, etc. 8th Dec., 1930. Ministry of Health.
Gas Legislation To consider the recommendations contained in the Second Report of the National Fuel and Power Committee, and to report what amendments to existing gas legislation are desirable and necessary. 18th Feb., 1931. Board of Trade
Industrial Assurance. To examine and Report on the law and practice relating to Industrial Assurance and to Assurance on the lives of children under 10 years of age. 13th April, 1931. Treasury Within six months.
Prevention of Damage by Thames Floods. To consider the present organisation for the prevention of damage by floods in the tidal portion of the Thames. 17th April, 1931. Ministries of Health and Agriculture and Fisheries.
Habitual Offenders To inquire into the existing methods of dealing with persistent offenders. 23rd April, 1931. Home Office Feb, or March, 1932.
British Industries Fair Site and Buildings. To consider and report how permanent accommodation for the London Section of the British Industries Fair could be provided and financed on a self-supporting basis, etc. 6th May, 1931. Department of Overseas Trade. In about six months.
Food Committee To inquire into the working of the law as to composition and description of articles of food other than milk. 14th May, 1931. Ministry of Health.
Miners' Welfare Fund. To inquire into the operation and future scope of the Fund and to report with particular reference to the question of the amount and duration of the levy in the future. 8th July, 1931. Mines Department. Possibly the end of 1932.
Art and Industry To investigate and advise upon the desirability of forming in London a standing exhibition of articles of every day use, etc. 13th July, 1931. Department of Overseas Trade. About March, 1932.

Name of Commission or Committee. Abridged Terms of Reference. Date of Appointment. Department primarily concerned. Probable date of Report.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Other Commissions and Committees—cont.
Garden Cities To examine the experience already gained in regard to establishment of garden cities, and to make recommendations as to future developments. 29th July, 1931. Ministry of Health.
Navigational and Gale Warnings. To consider the existing system of disseminating navigational and gale warnings and to report whether any modifications in that system should be made in the interests of economy. 20th Aug., 1931. Board of Trade. Jan., 1932.
Enforcement of Judgments, To consider (1) what provisions should be included in conventions made with foreign countries for the mutual enforcement of judgments on a basis of reciprocity and (2) what legislation is necessary or desirable to enable such conventions to be made effective. Oct., 1931. Lord Chancellor's Department. Within next four months.