HC Deb 13 February 1930 vol 235 cc641-2W

asked the Minister of Labour the terms of the lease or rental of the Nottingham Employment Exchange; the area covered by the buildings; of what do the buildings consist, namely, percentage of wooden structure and the percentage of other material used in the buildings; what is the area of advertising hoardings surrounding the building, whether the rental of such advertisements is paid to the Department; if so, what is the amount paid; how many persons were signing on at this Exchange at the latest convenient date; are plans yet approved for building a new Exchange; and when is it expected work will be commenced?


I have been asked to reply to this question. The Nottingham Employment Exchange is built on a site of which the freehold is owned by the Crown. The area covered by the buildings is 14,420 square feet. About 80 per cent. of the buildings are of wooden construction and 20 per cent. of other materials. 2,607 square feet of space are let for advertising purposes. The rent for the hoardings is £3 Vs. 6d. per month and is paid to my Depart- ment. I am informed by the Minister of Labour that 9,810 people were signing on at the Exchange on 3rd February, 1930. Plans for a new building are being prepared, but it is at present impossible to say when work will begin.