HC Deb 08 April 1930 vol 237 cc1996-8W

asked the Minister of Agriculture the principal items of State expenditure in relation to agriculture in England and Wales for the 12 months ended to the last convenient date, giving the total, including, if possible, administration and other expenditure?


The principal items of State expenditure in relation to agriculture in England and Wales in the 12 months ended 31st March, 1930, were as under:

Service. Approximate Expenditure.
Collection of agricultural statistics 36,000
Agricultural education 269,000
Agricultural research 299,700
Eradication of diseases in animals 184,200 (a)
Livestock improvement 48,600
Land settlement 1,793,000 (b)
Allotments 20,500 (c)
Land drainage and water supply 87,700
Agricultural wages regulation 38,300
Agricultural credits and co-operation 430,000 (d)
Improvement of marketing 62,500
Rural industries development 12,600
Beet sugar subsidy 4,221,500
Relief of agricultural rates 8,734,800
Total £16,238,400 (e)

General Note.

Except as regards "Agricultural wages regulation" and "Improvement of marketing," the above figures exclude expenses of administration (i.e. salaries, travelling, rent, rates, stationery and printing, superannuation, postages, etc.).

  1. (a) Includes Scotland, separate figures for which are not available.
  2. (b) Including £23,000 advanced by way of loans.
  3. (c) Advances by way of loans.
  4. (d) Includes £357,500 advanced to the Guarantee Fund of the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, Limited, under the Agricultural Credits Act, 1928.
  5. 1998
  6. (e) Excludes the cost of rebates of rail carriage on certain agricultural selected traffics, vide White Paper (Cmd. 3215) and Part II of the Eleventh Schedule to the Local Government Act, 1929. Separate figures under this head are not available.