HC Deb 07 November 1929 vol 231 cc1264-5W

asked the Minister of Health if he will state the names of the three casual wards in England where no heating is provided in the winter; whether the failure to provide it is due to the guardians responsible for these wards petitioning for their closure; and whether he will abstain from closing them till he has received the Report of the recently appointed Committee on Vagrancy?


The three casual wards in England and Wales in which no heating is provided in the winter are those of the Caernarvon, Cardigan and Sheppey Unions; in the Sheppey case the guardians have asked for sanction to closure; in the other two cases there is a question as to the future use of the buildings when the Local Government Act comes into operation. If more suitable accommodation for casuals can be pro- vided elsewhere, I am not prepared to undertake to refuse sanction to the closing of these unsatisfactory wards pending the receipt of the report of the recently appointed Departmental Committee.


asked the Minister of Health which are the three casual wards where heating is not provided in winter; whether the inmates are placed in cells or in an associated room; how many rugs are issued; of what material are the nightshirts made; and whether the men sleep on a mattress, hammock, uncovered wire, wood, or concrete?


The three wards in question are those of the Cardigan, Caernarvon and Sheppey Boards of Guardians. All the minute details for which my hon. Friend asks are not on record in the Department, but if he wishes them to be collected I will have the necessary inquiries made.