HC Deb 22 November 1928 vol 222 cc1931-3W

asked the Secretary of State for War if he is aware that

Majesty's dockyards and Admiralty establishments, respectively, during the months of July, August, September, and October, 1928, respectively; and whether further discharges are anticipated in the future?


The following statement gives the information asked for in the first part of the hon. Member's question, together with figures showing the entries of industrial employés in the various establishments during the same period. As regards the second part of the question, while I should prefer, for the reasons given in the reply to a similar question by the hon. Member on 18th July last. (OFFICIAL REPORT, Columns 394–6) to make no prophecies regarding future entries or discharges as the numbers employed from time to time must depend upon the requirements of the work in hand, efforts are continually being made to obtain the greatest possible degree of steadiness in requirements and numbers, and although small fluctuations may be necessary, dependent on the work in hand at any particular time, no heavy discharges are in prospect so far as can be foreseen.

men are being refused employment in Government establishments on the ground that they are over 45 years of age; and whether his Department has issued any instructions to this effect?


The regulation in War Department establishments, which is of long standing, provides that as a general rule employés shall not be taken on above the age of 45, but it allows heads of establishments to make exceptions in suitable cases. I am not aware that any special instruction on this subject has been issued recently by the War Office.