HC Deb 24 May 1928 vol 217 c2077W

asked the Secretary of State for Air if, in view of the recent growth of aerial travel, he will consider revision of the law in regard to the passage of heavier-than-air flying machines over urban areas, in order to ensure public safety?


Under the existing law upon this subject, as laid down in the Air Navigation (Consolidation) Order, 1923, an aircraft (including, of course, a heavier-than-air flying machine) is forbidden to fly over any city or town except at such altitude as will enable the aircraft to land outside the city or town in the event of failure of the means of propulsion. The carrying out of any trick or exhibition flying over a city or town area or populous district, and, in general, flying in such circumstances as to cause unnecessary danger to any person or property on land or water are also prohibited. These provisions appear to me to be sufficient to ensure public safety, and I do not think that any revision is necessary.