HC Deb 22 March 1928 vol 215 cc582-3W

asked the Secretary for Mines the number of fatal and non-fatal accidents that occurred in the coal mines of the country for the years 1925 and 1927, respectively; and how many of the injuries were received by persons employed above and below ground, respectively?

Commodore KING

The following are the figures:

Pending the Commission's Report, it is unlikely that any important change will be made. I am sure the Commission will be glad to consider any suggestions that the hon. Member may wish to make to it.


asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether he will propose to the responsible keepers that the drawings of the Turner Bequest should be transferred to the department of prints and drawings at the British Museum, where it would be assured that the collection would be safely housed, accessible to students and the public, and accessible in its entirety?


The Royal Commission on Museums and Art Galleries is considering,inter alia, the re-allocation of works of art between the different institutions concerned. Pending the Report of the Commission it is proposed to make no changes. Meanwhile the Turner Collection is safely housed, and will be made accessible to students as soon as it has been reorganised and checked.

TABLE showing the VALUES of the undermentioned ARTICLES imported into Great Britain and Northern Ireland, consigned from Canada, in each of the years 1924, 1925, 1926 and 1927.
Articles. 1924. 1925. 1926. 1927.
£ £ £ £
Watches, and parts thereof 4,368 5,311 12,738 9,247
Clocks, and parts thereof 183 3,711 10,020 9,721

The only in formation available as to the amount of duty collected on these goods is in respect of those articles imported from Canada and delivered for home use at the Preferential rate of duty. The informarion is as follows:—
1924.* 1925.* 1926. 1927.
Value on which duty was Paid. Amount of duty. Value on which duty was paid. Amount of duty. Value on which duty was paid. Amount of duty. Value on which duty was paid. Amount of duty
£ £ £ £ £ £ £ £
Watches, and parts thereof. 1,386 308 2,860 635 13,013† 2,893 8,046 1,787
Clocks, and parts thereof. 696 155 10,6301† 2,362 9,339 2,075
*Duty lapsed 2nd August, 1924; reimposed 1st July, 1925.
†daggre; It will be noticed that the value of the goods delivered for home use in 1926 is slightly in excess of the value of the imports for that year as shown in the first table. This is due to deliveries ex bonded warehouses for home use of goods imported previously to 1926.

No information is available as to the proportion of British materials used in the imports in question, but a condition of the admission of such manufactured articles to Preference is that at least 25 per cent. of the value of the articles must be attributable to labour within the British Empire.