HC Deb 10 July 1928 vol 219 cc2065-6W

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how many of the 200 applicants who have been settled on schemes initiated since the present Gov- ernment came into power have received holdings fully equipped with house and steading; and how many of the 211 new holdings which will have been provided under those schemes when they are completed are fully equipped with house and steading?


Of the 200 applicants referred to, 36 applied and obtained enlargements of their holdings which were already equipped with buildings, and four were settled in succession to previous holders who had vacated new holdings. On the 160 new holdings constituted, 87 dwelling houses and 74 steadings are fully completed, 15 houses and 17 steadings are in process of completion, 23 houses and 11 steadings are not yet commenced; in the remaining cases, houses or steadings are not required on the holdings. On the 51 additional new holdings to be provided on the schemes in question, the corresponding figures are: completed, 3 dwelling houses and 0 steadings; in process of completion 15 and 11; not commenced 32 and 39; not required 1 and 1.