HC Deb 15 June 1927 vol 207 cc1016-7W
Major GLYN

asked (1) the President of the Board of Trade whether it is the intention of his Department to prepare another Census similar to that issued in 1919 by the statistical department (Report on the Number, Capacity and Construction of Private Traders' Railway Wagons in Great Britain at 1st August, 1918), in view of the importance of having information which is not more than 10 years out of date;

(2) the Minister of Transport if he will cause inquiry to be made of private owners of mineral wagons, etc., who are registered as possessing more than three vehicles passed for service by the railway companies, as to the total number of vehicles that have been broken up, in view of the fact that the particulars contained in the Board of Trade's Census, 1918, are now very much out of date, and in view of the importance of there being an adequate supply of efficient and safe vehicles for the transportation of coal and other minerals?

—— 1924. 1925. 1926.‡
Packing and Wrapping Paper— Cwts. Cwts. Cwts.
Unglazed (other than Kraft) 1,809,593* 1,241,871 629,612
Glazed and Machine Glazed (other than Kraft) 2,323,945* 1,788,274 1,715,589
Oiled, Waxed and other Waterproof Wrappings 11,925 5,297 11,013
Kraft (Unglazed, Glazed and Machine Glazed) 1,357,539 1,466,870
* These figures are inclusive of Kraft papers.
† The imports of Kraft paper in 1924 were not separately ascertained, but were included with those of Unglazed and Glazed and Machine Glazed paper.
‡ The figures in respect of 1926 are provisional.