HC Deb 25 February 1926 vol 192 c750W

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs the actual cost of maintaining the military, naval and air services of Germany, exclusive of any payments to the Allies for military occupation, year by year since 1919, and the approximate values in English money?


The figures, as far as it has been possible to procure them, are as follow, but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed:

1919—Army and Navy 1,118,189,655
1920—Army and Navy 4,895,745,514
1921—Army 2,677,618,642
Navy 686,809,858
1922—Army 1,852,515,466
Navy 1,505,543,316
1923—Army 23,355,624,000
Navy 7,140,334,000
1924—Army 348,282,880
Navy 104,263,060
1925—Army 406,222,930
Navy 155,092,080
1926 (Estimates)—Army 474,297,210
Navy 203,328,400

There is no military air service in Germany. Owing to the fluctuations in the mark it is impossible to give the approximate values in English money of the above figures.