HC Deb 11 February 1926 vol 191 c1276W

asked the Minister of Agriculture the total amount of homegrown wheat in Great Britain; the total acreage under wheat; and the amount of imported wheat for the years 1920 to 1925, inclusive?


The area and production of wheat in Great Britain, and the quantity of wheat (including flour expressed as wheat) imported into the United Kingdom, during each year from 1920 to 1925 are given in the following table:

Year. Area. Production. Imports.*
Acres. Tons. Tons.
1920 1,929,011 11,515,000 6,298,000
1921 2,041,195 2,027,000 5,124,000
1922 2,032,168 1,742,000 5,735,000
1923 1,799,046 1,586,000 5,837,000
1924 1,594,253 1,412,000 6,638,000
1925 1,548,245 1,414,000 5,520,000
* These figures represent the gross imports of wheat (including flour expressed as wheat) into Great Britain and the whole of Ireland up to 31st March, 1923, and into Great Britain and Northern Ireland only from that date. They do not, therefore, include from 1st April, 1923, direct imports into the Irish Free State. The Irish Free State also imports considerable quantities of wheat from the United Kingdom.