HC Deb 15 December 1926 vol 200 cc2948-9W

asked the Minister of Agriculture if he can state in convenient categories the manlier of occupiers of agricultural holdings that own their holdings; and how many of these are small holdings?


The number of occupiers of agricultural holdings exceeding one acre in England and Wales who stated that they owned the whole or the greater part of their holdings in 1924 was 94,236. The following table shows the number of such holdings in various size groups:

Size Group. No.
Above 1 acre and not exceeding 5 acres 16,995
Above 5 acres and not exceeding 20 acres 25,245

Size Group. No.
Above 20 acres and not exceeding 50 acres 17,548
Above 50 acres and not exceeding 100 acres 14,079
Above 100 acres and not exceeding 150 acres 7,714
Above 150 acres and not exceeding 300 acres 8,984
Above 300 acres 3,671

As has been previously pointed out in reports on the Agricultural Statistics, there is a considerable margin of error in these figures owing to the reluctance of a number of occupiers to supply information on this point.

STATEMENT SHOWING AMOUNT OF TARIFF PREFERENCE AT PRESENT GRANTED ON IRON AND STEEL WIRE AND MANUFACTURES THERE OF, of United Kingdom Origin, on Importation into AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND, so far as these Goods are separately specified in the Tariffs of those Dominions.
I. Australia.
Tariff Number. Articles. Rate of Duty. Amount of Preference.
Under General Tariff. Under British Preferential Tariff.
Ex. 136 Iron and Steel:—
(E) (1) Wire of No. 15 or finer gauge ad val. 45 per cent. 20 per cent. 25 per cent.
(2) Wire, fencing, of gauges No. 8 to 14, both gauges inclusive, for use only as fencing wire without further manufacture, or for such manufacturing purposes as may be prescribed by Departmental By-laws per ton. £6 0s. 0d. Free £6 0s 0d.
(3) Wire, other per ton £6 0s. 0d. £2 12s. 0d. £3 8s 0d.
157 Barbed wire per ton £9 0s. 0d. £3 8s. 0d. £5 12s. 0d.
158 Wire netting per ton £10 0s. 0d. Free £10 0s 0d.
159 (A) Wire, n.e.i., also woven wire measuring over 30 holes to the lineal inch ad val. 15 per cent. Free 15 per cent.
(B) Wire, iron and steel, for use in the manufacture of barbed wire and wire netting, as prescribed by Departmental By-laws per ton. £6 0s. 0d. £2 12s. 0d. £3 8s. 0d.
Ex. 187 (C) Wire and other nails, n.e.1., whichever rate returns the higher duty per cwt. £0 8s. 0d. £0 5s. 6d. £0 2s. 6d.
or ad val. 35 per cent 25 per cent. 10 per cent.
388 Cordage, metal, including cordage of metal with core or other material, namely:—
(A) As prescribed by Departmental By-laws ad val. 10 per cent. Free 10 per cent.
(B) N.e.i ad val. 45 per cent. 30 per cent. 15 per cent.