HC Deb 20 November 1925 vol 188 cc789-90W

asked the Postmaster-General whether he can state the number of depositors and the total amount of money on deposit in the Post Office Savings Bank; whether he has considered any further developments of the system; and whether he will be prepared to extend to the Post Office Savings Bank facilities for the issue of cheque books to depositors?

Viscount WOLMER

The number of active Post Office Savings Bank accounts on the 31st of October last was approximately 12,800,000, and the total amount

REGISTERED TRADE UNIONS, including registered Federations but not component Unions of a Federation, which have established a Political Fund, unless any such component Union has a Political Fund of its own.
Reg. No. Name of Union. Number of Members contributing to Political fund at 31st December, 1924. Number of members who have claimed exemption from contributing to the Political Fund at 31st December, 1924.
T. England and Wales.
3 United Society of Boiler Makers and Iron and Steel Ship Builders. 52,333 7,632
8 National Union of Railwaymen 326,528 9,217
21 Power Loom Carpet Weavers and Textile Workers Association. 4,300 0
43 Durham Miners Association 120,000 763
64 Amalgamated Society of Tailors and Tailoresses and Kindred Trades. 3,874 2,224
79 National Association of Plasterers, Granolithic and Cement Workers. 9,988 48
93 Amalgamated Association of Operative Cotton Spinners and Twiners. 46,802 1,823
187 North Wales Quarrymen's Union * *
193 Amalgamated Society of Wood Cutting Machinists
292 Amalgamated Society of Dyers, Bleachers, Finishers and Kindred Trades. 24,000 4,780
298 United Order of General Labourers of Great Britain and Ireland. 1,000 45
316 London Society of Compositors 11,910 1,615
339 National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades' Association 12,710 527
348 Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen 26,924 8,415
398 Manchester and District Association of Warp Dressers 400 0
424 Amalgamated Engineering Union 129,606 11,010
430 Managers and Overlookers' Society 3,260 150
432 National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives 71,495 145
445 Nelson and District Association of Warp Dressers 1,210 7
446 National Amalgamated Society of Operative House and Ship Painters and Decorators * *

of money on deposit approximately £280,400,000. In view of the practical difficulties I am not prepared to arrange for the issue of cheque books to depositors, nor am I aware that there is any considerable demand for this facility.