HC Deb 20 July 1925 vol 186 cc1854-6W

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he can give figures showing the total quantity of bars, billets, and blooms, and other iron and steel manufactures imported into the ports of South Wales and Monmouthshire from each country abroad for the years 1913 to 1924, inclusive; and the total quantity of iron ores imported into the district in the same periods?


The following statement has been prepared from particulars published in succeeding issues of the Annual Statement of the trade of the United Kingdom, and shows, so far as the particulars are available, the imports into the ports of South Wales and Monmouthshire of the classes of goods specified. Similar data for 1924 have been added.

Year. Iron and Steel and manufactures there of including bars, billets and blooms. Iron Ore, including iron and steel scrap fit only for re-manufacture.
Tons. Tons.
1913 557,000 1,639,000
1914 428,000 1,408,000
1915 122,000 1,513,000
1916 43,000 1,521,000
1917 21,000 1,530,000
1918 7,000 1,550,000
1919 51,000 1,113,000
1920 140,000 1,411,000
1921 329,000 221,000
1922 173,000 871,000
1923 342,000 1,579,000
1924 707,000 1,727,000


asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he can give figures showing the production of iron and steel in Great Britain during the years 1913 and 1924; the number of blast furnaces in operation at the end of 1913 and June, 1925, respectively; the numbers of workers employed in the same periods; and similar information in respect of France?

1913. 1924.
(a) Production of Pig Iron: Tons. Tons.
Great Britain 10,260,000 7,319,000
France 5,124,000 7,534,000
Alsace Lorraine* 3,800,000*
Total 8,924,000
(b) Production of Crude Steel:
Great Britain 7,664,000 8,221,000
France 4,612,000 6,795,000
Alsace Lorraine* 2,260,000*
Total 6,872,000
(c)Blast Furnaces in operation: End of 1913. End of June, 1925.
Great Britain 290† 148
France 131 End of May, 1925.
Alsace Lorraine* 64* 141
Total 195
* Added for comparative purposes. † Approximate number.
NOTE.—Of the furnaces not in blast an appreciable proportion on a particular date would be under repair.
I regret that information is not available as to the relative numbers of persons


The following statements give the required information, so far as the particulars are available.

employed in this country and in France at the two periods specified.