HC Deb 09 April 1925 vol 182 c2456W

asked the Minister of Health what disposable surpluses were shown in each of the quinquennial valuations made in connection with the National Health Insurance Fund since its inception; what these surpluses represented per person insured at the time of such quinquennial valuation; on what basis the sum of, approximately, six million sterling of surplus funds resulting from the last quinquennial valuation of the National Health Insurance Fund was distributed; and on whom does the responsibility for such distribution rest?


The valuations of the assets and liabilities of approved societies and branches as at 31st December, 1918, showed disposable surpluses amounting in the aggregate to £9,184,087 for the United Kingdom, or about 11s. 4d. per person insured at the valuation date. The second valuations, to be made for some societies as at 31st December, 1922, and for others as at 31st December, 1923, are now in progress, and the complete results will not be available till after the end of the present year. The distribution of the, disposable surpluses arising out of the first valuation has proceeded on the basis of schemes submitted in accordance with the Act by the individual societies or branches and sanctioned by the Minister of Health for the provision of additional benefits to members entitled to receive them. Such additional benefits take the form either of increases in the rates of sickness, disablement and maternity benefits, or of payments for other purposes,e.g., for dental or hospital treatment. The responsibility for administering a scheme rests with the committee of management of the society or branch concerned.