HC Deb 23 July 1924 vol 176 cc1330-2W

asked the Minister of Health whether, in view of the prolonged period of severe unemployment, he will take such steps as are necessary to authorise the unemployment grants committees to modify their Regulations as to schemes qualified to rank for financial aid, so as to include unemploy ment relief works which are at present excluded, especially in those districts where local rates are abnormally high?


The matter has been carefully considered, and it is not proposed to modify the Regulations of the Unemployment Grants Committee. The object of the grants is to stimulate employment; this object would not be met by giving grants for work required in the ordinary course or for work which would cause a demand for labour in which there is not serious unemployment.


asked the Minister of Labour what special schemes have been undertaken by the Government for the relief of unemployment in the northeastern area?


No special scheme has been put into operation directly by the Government, but local authorities in many areas are carrying out works for the relief of unemployment with assistance from the State.


asked the Minister of Labour whether he is aware that, while the Eston Urban. District Council are paying men working on unemployment schemes £2 14s. per week for 47 hours' work, the North Riding County Council are only paying £1 18s. 5d. for 50 hours' similar work; and whether the latter

Numbers of Registers of Employment Exchange in Great Britain
Division. Nos. on registers at 7th July, 1924. Increase (+) or decrease (-) compared with— Nos. on registers at 14th July, 1924. Increase (+) or decrease (-) compared with—
Week ago. Corresponding Week in 1923. Week ago. Corresponding week in 1923.
London & S.E. 197,237 + 534 - 56,995 197,929 + 692 - 53,693
South Western 58,247 + 735 - 14,830 57,914 - 333 - 12,699
Midlands 135,374 + 387 - 27,752 137,113 - 1,739 - 26,186
North Eastern 191,556 + 7,438 - 32,285 197,847 + 6.291 - 26,311
North Western 257,666 + 4,124 - 47,877 250,692 - 6,974 - 52,125
Scotland 146,526 + 1.805 - 23,369 147,427 +901 - 22,700
Wales 37,945 + 84 + 4,037 37,064 - 881 + 3,935
Gt. Britain 1,024,551 + 15,107 -199,071 1,025,986 + 1,435 - 189,779

An analysis of these unemployment figures by industries is made only once a month, and I am, therefore, unable to show the increases and decreases in the

rate is in accordance with instructions issued by the Department when grants are made by the Unemployment Grants Committee?


I am not aware of the rates of wages paid on the works mentioned. The conditions of grants made by the Unemployment Grants Committee, as regards wages for work carried out by direct labour, provide only that the rate paid shall not exceed the local authority's rate to its own workmen on similar classes of work, or the recognised district rate (where such exists) if that is lower.