HC Deb 11 July 1923 vol 166 cc1384-5W

asked the Minister of Health if the Return obtained by his Department in March last of the number of houses of less than £35 annual value which had been completed between 30th September and 31st March, and of the number of houses of five rooms or less under construction on the latter date related to the whole of England and Wales; if not, to what parts of England and Wales it related; what was the total number of houses included in each part of the Return; how many of the houses were erected, or in course of erection, for sale; and how many for letting?


The Return referred to covered all local authorities in the Metropolitan Police District and urban authorities in the rest of the country, and information was supplied by 1,067 of the 1,130 authorities. I will furnish the hon. Member with a summary of the information obtained, but particulars are not available of the number of these houses which were for sale and for letting.


asked the Minister of Health the number of houses erected in Wednesbury, Tipton and Darlaston, respectively, since 1918; the number now in course of erection; and the number which will finally be completed under the schemes already sanctioned?


The total number of houses erected in the areas of the local authorities referred to under the State-assisted schemes outhorised by the Housing Act of 1919 was as follow:

Wednesbury Borough 365
Tripton Urban District 125
Darlaston Urban District 144
All these houses have been completed. In addition, the Tipton Urban District Council have been authorised to proceed with 20 houses under the new Housing Bill. Information as to the total number of houses erected in these areas by private enterprise without State assistance is not available.