HC Deb 27 April 1923 vol 163 cc847-8W

asked the Minister of Health whether he is aware that the effect of paragraph 4 of the First Schedule of the draft of the Public Health (Condensed Milk) Regulations, 1923, will be to drive an amount of label printing now being produced in this country into the hands of foreign firms; that orders for several millions of these labels are now suspended pending his decision on this matter; and, seeing that it is impracticable and uneconomical to print in England a number of labels with varying names and addresses of the actual foreign manufacturers, if he will consider the desirability of requiring that labels shall bear not only the country of origin, but the name and address of the English seller against whom there is positive means of redress instead of an address of the foreign manufacturer which does not afford either protection or means of redress?

Year. No. of successful Vaccinations and Re-vaccinations performed by Public Vaccinators at the cost of the Rates. Approximate Expenditure incurred in respect of Public Vaccination.
Vaccinations. Re-vaccinations. Expenditure out of Local Rates. Expenditure out of Exchequer Funds.
£ £
1911–1912 348,471 14,286 165,000 23,000
1912–1913 319,922 14,608 158,000 19,000
1913–1914 301,416 13,651 152,000 16,000
1914–1915 144,000 26,000
1915–1916 138,000 12,000
1916–1917 129,000 16,000
1917–1918 199,013 33,635 116,000 21,000
1918–1919 186,861 16,052 110,000 20,000
1919–1920 258,996 12,898 124,000 18,000
1920–1921 245,154 26,775 1,175,000 15,000
The figures in Columns 2 and 3 relate to the years ended the 30th September; those for the years 1914–1915, 1915–1916, 1916–1917 are not; available. The figures in Columns 4 and 5 relate in each case to the year ended 31st March.


Representations have already been made to me in regard to this matter, and I propose to amend the Regulations in the direction suggested by my hon. Friend.